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North Dakota Obama Appointee Refuses To Give Up Records On Loan To Troubled Grain Mill

North Dakota Obama Appointee Refuses To Give Up Records On Loan To Troubled Grain Mill

I’ve been following the saga of Earth Harvest Mills, a teetering organic grain mill operating in Harvey, North Dakota, for about a year now (here’s an archive of SAB posts to date). Most recently, the Public Service Commission approved insolvency payments out of state indemnity funds for producers and creditors left hanging by the mill. But

Heavily Subsidized Organic Grain Mill Could Cost North Dakota, Federal Taxpayers Millions

I have an article at Watchdog.org today about Earth Harvest Mills, an organic grain mill near Harvey, North Dakota, that has gone belly up. You may recognize the name from recent news reports about the Public Service Commission paying out nearly $1 million from a state indemnity fund to grain producers who got stiffed by

Federal, State Officials Won't Say How Much Of $10.4 Million In Taxpayer Loans Earth Harvest Mills Still Owes

Yesterday I posted a response to a FOIA request from USDA Rural Development Director Jasper Schneider’s office which confirmed two outstanding loans guaranteed by the federal taxpayers totaling $8.4 million made to Earth Harvest Mills, which is facing insolvency charges from North Dakota’s Public Service Commission. I’ve been working on confirming what balance remains on

Organic Mill May Still Owe The Taxpayers As Much As $8.4 Million

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission has filed insolvency charges against Earth Harvest Mills in Harvey, ND a company that has received millions in government subsidies. We first wrote about this company back in 2010, and last week we covered the company getting more than $12 million in subsidies including $2.64 million in grants and “investments”

Earth Harvest Mills, Recipient Of More Than $12 Million In State/Federal Subsidies, Faces Insolvency Charges

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has filed insolvency proceedings against Earth Harvest Mills, an organic grains company based in Harvey North Dakota, after a customer filed a complaint over a $26,000 unpaid grain claim. “We’re at a point where we are cannot in good conscience let this continue,” Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann told