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Guest Post: Supporting HB1456

Guest Post: Supporting HB1456

We celebrate our birthday’s as the time we left our mother’s womb at 9 months of age. But in fact, our lives began a little bit earlier. When you were conceived, your DNA already determined if you would be male or female, what color your hair will be, along with the color of your eyes.

Pastor Wants To Let His Parishoners Concealed Carry In Church

When I first wrote about bills before the legislature that would end a state prohibition on concealed carry in churches many objected to the idea of guns in churches. But I think people are a little confused about what the law would do. It wouldn’t mandate that churches allow concealed carry but rather allow churches

Interview: Rep. Dwight Kiefert Talks About Bill To Allow Concealed Carry In Schools

Rep. Dwight Kiefert is the sponsor of HB1215 which, if passed, would allow local school districts to decide if they want to allow concealed carry of weapons on school property. The bill would also allow those schools to keep that decision a secret if they choose. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2U-r74Ygw0&w=640&h=480] I was curious about Rep. Kiefert why