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Industrial Commission Needs To Play Nice With Local Governments On Oil Development

Industrial Commission Needs To Play Nice With Local Governments On Oil Development

According to this report in the Dunn County Herald, the Dunn County Commission will be appealing a recent decision by the North Dakota Industrial Commission to the state Supreme Court. At issue is  jurisdiction over an oil waste treatment facility. When the company responsible for the project was denied zoning for it by the county they sued

When Environmentalists Are Bad For The Environment

In recent years North Dakota has had a bit of a waste management issue in western North Dakota. More people, and more traffic and activity, has produced more waste in the oil patch and created a need for more waste disposal infrastructure. And we aren’t just talking about trash in the ditches, either. Several instances

ND Senate Votes To Make Grand Jury Petitions Tougher

Under North Dakota law, a grand jury can be empaneled to investigate criminal charges through the petition process. This was a little-used part of state law until just recently when a group Governor Jack Dalrymple’s political enemies decided to try a petition to investigate allegations of fraud related to legal and disclosed campaign contributions. Those

Dalrymple Grand Jury Petitioners Fail Again

A second attempt by backers of a petition calling for Governor Jack Dalrymple to be investigated for alleged bribery has failed in Dunn County. Despite a pretty low bar for the number of signatures required, circulators couldn’t find enough qualified signers. Plus, the judge ruled again that Dunn County isn’t the appropriate jurisdiction for the

Land Owners Win The Second Battle Of Killdeer Mountain

The Battle of Killdeer Mountain was a conflict between the US military and Sioux tribes in western North Dakota. It’s a fairly significant historical event, and there is a great deal of information and artifacts already collected from it. But here’s the thing: Today the Kildeer Mountain battlefield, much of which is privately owned, sits

Activists Accusing Governor Dalrymple Of Taking Bribes File Second Grand Jury Petition

A group of activists, pushing a case for bribery charges made by a Democrat lawyer out of Grand Forks, have filed another grand jury petition in Dunn County. Under North Dakota law, citizens can empanel a grand jury to investigate criminal charges by filing a certain number of signatures based on the population of the

ND House Passes Bill Aimed At Dalrymple Grand Jury Petition

In a sad spectacle, a group of seriously misguided political activists have been trying to get North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple indicted for bribery because he accepted and disclosed perfectly legal political contributions. These activists contend that Dalrymple, who is generally favorable to oil development in the state, accepted political contributions from individuals and PAC’s