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Former SBHE Member Attacks Student For Expressing Dissenting Opinion On Measure 3

Former SBHE Member Attacks Student For Expressing Dissenting Opinion On Measure 3

Last month UND Student (and former President of the UND Student Government) Nick Creamer wrote a piece for SAB in support of Measure 3. Measure 3, of course, is the constitutional measure that would eliminate the existing part-time State Board of Higher Education and replace it with a board of full-time appointees. I had asked

Angry University President Gets His Diaper Changed By Higher Ed Board

KXNet – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson Yesterday Minot State University President David Fuller, who was “so furious his voice was shaking” according to the Minot Daily News, demanded that outgoing Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s evaluation of him be expunged from his record. He also expressed outrage that his evaluation would appear on a blog before he had a chance

State Board Of Higher Education Wants Another Look At Tuition Increases

Last week the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved more tuition hikes for the state’s students, but now Board President Duaine Espegard wants a second look While I agree that the tuition hikes do need a second look – the state legislature increased total higher ed spending by 32% for the coming biennium

Shirvani Survives For Now

It sure seemed like the state was set for an ambush of embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani at today’s State Board of Higher Education meeting. A student lobbyist who had pushed votes of “no confidence” in Shirvani in the past was doing some last minute shopping for criticism of Shirvani from legislators last night, and this

Forum Editorial Board Calls For Chancellor, Higher Ed Board President To Resign

In an editorial that contradicts their own scathing report about the machinations among the state’s university presidents to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out of his job, the Fargo Forum calls for the resignations of both Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and State Board of Higher Education President Duaine Espegard. Hamid Shirvani’s brief tenure as North Dakota’s chancellor

North Dakota's State Board Of Higher Ed Is Their Own Worst Enemy

It’s become clear to honest observers that the campaign of personal destruction against Chancellor Hamid Shirvani is being driven by the state’s university system, and their legislative/student stoolies, because they don’t want to be governed. The university system’s presidents want a rubber stamp for a chancellor, not someone intent on bringing reform and accountability to

Why Didn't The Full State Board Of Higher Education Officially Back Shirvani?

Over the weekend the North Dakota Student Association, claiming to represent the state’s 48,000 or so college students but really representing a vocal faction that is little more than a rubber stamp for the university presidents, cast a vote of no confidence for embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. In response, members of the State Board of

The North Dakota University System Didn't Do Themselves Any Favors Yesterday

State Board of Higher Education President Duaine Espegard dismissed the controversy over a huge, 2,300 square foot “chancellor’s suite” in an IT building on the University of North Dakota campus as “foolishness” yesterday in committee testimony. University officials were also quick to spin the issue, claiming that the issue over where the chancellor will work

SBHE Is Standing Behind Shirvani

Legislators may be considering a “vote of no confidence” in Chancellor Hamid Shirvani, but State Board of Higher Education President Duaine Espegard is standing behind him accusing the legislature of “personal attacks” and claiming they don’t have authority to make hiring and firing decisions. Espegard said the issue seems to come down to “personal attacks”

Legislator Offers Amendment Buying Out North Dakota Higher Ed Chancellor Because Of "Questionable" Leadership

Yesterday we broke the news here on Say Anything that legislators were considering some sort of a “vote of no confidence” in North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani which might take the form of a buyout of Shirvani’s contract. Today state Senator Tony Grindberg has announced that he’ll be offering an amendment to the