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North Dakota Supreme Court Overturns Drug Charges Because Driver Was Playing Music on His Phone Not Texting

North Dakota Supreme Court Overturns Drug Charges Because Driver Was Playing Music on His Phone Not Texting

In the State of North Dakota it is illegal to communicate via text (including things like emailing, texting, tweeting, etc.) while driving. Here’s the actual law, section 39-08-23 of the North Dakota Century Code: The law does ban any use of an electronic device by minors under the age of 18 (that’s section 39-08-24 of the code),

Bill Would Tighten and Simplify North Dakota’s Distracted Driving Laws

Despite sensational media coverage and celebrity-backed advertising campaigns, distracted driving probably isn’t as big a problem as you think it is. According to data I collected last year, from 2010 to 2015 traffic accidents caused by distractions from electronic devices accounted for just 1.1 percent of all crashes in the state. Even in the distracted

Distracted Driving In North Dakota Probably Isn't As Big A Problem As You Think

Recently reporter Robin Huebner wrote a story about a widow and a state lawmaker who are planning on pushing legislation next year which would dramatically increase the penalties for distracted driving in North Dakota. This was the headline: ‘A widow’s goal: ‘If you kill someone with your car, it should be a felony’ The widow

ND Highway Patrol Trooper Involved In Wrong-Way Driving Incident Placed On Leave

Previously I broke a story about a North Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper who was involved in a distracted driving incident. He drove the wrong way down U.S. Highway 2 for more than four miles while talking on the phone to a commander back in January, but an investigation into the incident wasn’t started by the

Man Found Guilty In Fatal Texting While Driving Crash Sentenced To…Mandatory Public Relations?

I think texting while driving as a threat to public safety has been grossly exaggerated, and the data seems to prove it. Cell phone use was a “contributing factor” (a rather broad definition, to be sure) in less than 1 percent of traffic crashes in North Dakota. Nationally, cell phone use was a factor in just

North Dakota Texting While Driving Citations Cost Taxpayers Over $4,000 Each

Back in April I wrote about North Dakota law enforcement agencies engaging in “high intensity” enforcement of the state’s new prohibition on texting while driving. The effort, coinciding with Distracted Driving Awareness Month, was funded by a $459,000 grant from the federal government. What did the taxpayers get for the money? Just over 100 citations, costing