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Devils Lake’s New Age-21 Vaping Law Is Probably Illegal

Devils Lake’s New Age-21 Vaping Law Is Probably Illegal

MINOT, N.D. — Recently the Devils Lake City Commission passed a new ordinance raising the age at which it’s legal to purchase and use vaping products. The city also increased the penalty for the unlawful sale, purchase, and/or use of said products. The North Dakota Century Code sets the age for vaping at 18. Devils Lake has

Essential Air Service Subsidies Are Hugely Wasteful and Trump Is Right to Cut Them

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget is causing quite a stir in political circles. Locally one cut the President proposes has our state’s congressional delegation seeing red. Particularly Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says President Donald Trump’s call to eliminate subsidized air service to rural communities could hurt three

How Is Subsidizing Mostly Empty Flights To Devils Lake A Good Deal For The Taxpayers?

On Sunday Grand Forks Herald reporter Kevin Bonham published an article about Essential Air Subsidies for flights to and from Devils Lake (he also wrote about Thief River Falls, but Minnesota isn’t my beat so I’ll leave them out). Bonham’s article portrays the subsidies as a success in Devils Lake. “Commercial airline passengers—counting those both arriving and

Business Models Based On Harvesting Tax Dollars Don't Often Succeed

It seems that a cornerstone of modern economic thinking is the idea that local governments – counties, cities, states, etc. – should be in the business of bribing businesses to come into their area. Things like special tax exemptions, taxpayer-backed financing, and even outright gifts from the public treasury are a common theme in these

Your Tax Dollars Used To Subsidized Nearly Empty Airline Flights Right Here In North Dakota

I’ve written extensively about the federal government’s Essential Air Service program, and there’s nothing essential about it. It’s an anachronism from the 1970’s when the airlines were deregulated, and it’s basically subsidies for airlines to serve low-traffic rural airports. Last night Valley News Live covered the issue as well, including reports on the program here in

North Dakota Town Has Nearly 3 Job Openings For Every Worker Looking: "It's A Wage Earners Market"

How is it that Walmart is paying over $17 per hour for cashiers in Williston? Why is the “effective” minimum wage in Dickinson over $14 per hour? Maybe it’s because North Dakota’s booming economy has ramped up demand for workers, the supply of which simply hasn’t caught up. Case in point, Devils Lake area –

New "Essential Air Service" Deals Will Cost Taxpayers Nearly $125k Per Week

New Essential Air Service deals have been announced for Devils Lake and Jamestown to much ballyhoo from North Dakota’s congressional delegation and the media. “This is an example of the way federal, state, and local officials can work together to deliver results to improve the lives of North Dakotans,” Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven, along with

Dorso Column: Build Fargo's Flood Diversion

In my book When Governance Worked there are two chapters relevant to the legislative debate that is now taking place on the Fargo Diversion. Chapter 7 “FARMERS- The Big Dogs and Chapter 8 WATER-They Are Still Fighting was put in that order for a reason. I’m also tempted to say at this point “I told

Devils Lake Police Chief Responds To Controversy Over Ban On Booze Sales To "Habitual Drunkards"

I sat in for Scott Hennen on his radio show today, and we wanted to talk with Devils Lake Police Chief Keith Schroeder about his city’s ban on selling alcohol to “habitual drunkards.” Unfortunately, Chief Schroder didn’t have time for an interview, but he did send along a list of facts about what his city