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Dave Glatt, the environmental health section chief for the Department of Health, talks Thursday, July 18, 2013, about the state's efforts to crack down on oil waste in western North Dakota. (TJ Jerke/Forum News Service)

North Dakota Regulators Owe the Public a Better Explanation for Spill Underreporting

North Dakota Regulators Owe the Public a Better Explanation for Spill Underreporting

“I get it – people want more information.” That’s what North Dakota Environmental Quality Chief Dave Glatt told the Associated Press, responding to controversy over a situation were hundreds of thousands of gallons of liquid natural gas was described as merely 10 gallons in an official state report. But does Glatt get it? So far

David Glatt of the North Dakota Health Department tells a forum about the Red River on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, that governments will be relucant to to give up any authority to solve river issues. (Forum Communications photo by Don Davis)

Counting Up Fines Is A Poor Way To Measure The Effectiveness Of Environmental Regulation

“Government regulators have some powerful tools at their disposal to crack down on violators of environmental laws, namely fines, lawsuits and other formal enforcement actions,” reports Archie Ingersoll today. “North Dakota officials, however, let these tools sit untouched at the bottom of the toolbox the vast majority of the time.” He continues: In the past

What's So Bad About Considering The Economic Impact Of Regulations?

North Dakota’s mostly Republican leadership often gets accused of being too cozy with the industries it regulates. Especially the energy industry, specifically oil and coal development. I’ve always felt that the genesis for those accusations lays in a fundamental disagreement over how governments should regulate. I think some, mostly on the environmental lest, want an