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Mayor Disappointed He Won’t Get to Keep Jacking up Fees for People Who Can’t Vote Against Him

Mayor Disappointed He Won’t Get to Keep Jacking up Fees for People Who Can’t Vote Against Him

“We’re deeply disappointed by the sole action of Representative Dan Ruby for making this local control matter a State issue,” Mayor Shaun Sipma says. Sipma is responding to legislation passed in Bismarck this session which restricts the ability of cities to charge citizens in extraterritorial zoning areas more for building permits. The genesis for the legislation

Al Carlson’s Replacement as House Majority Leader Won by Promising to Keep Everything the Same

Last night the Republican caucus in the North Dakota House of Representatives picked their new majority leader. The press release is below, but Rep. Chet Pollert of Carrington won the three-way competition over Rep. Mike Nathe of Bismarck and Rep. Dan Ruby of Minot. The result is a bit of a surprise. Heading into the

With Rep. Al Carlson on the Ropes, Other Republicans Express Interest in Being Majority Leader

Rep. Al Carlson, a long-time state lawmaker and current Majority Leader in the North Dakota House of Representatives, is fighting for his political life in Fargo’s District 41. That district has been trending blue for a while now, and Carlson is hardly safe. Carlson, an incumbent, is running alongside newcomer and fellow Republican Michelle Strinden

The Government Shouldn’t Compete With Private Businesses for Profits

Garbage collection is a service that, for the most part, ought to be left to the private sector. In some communities it may make sense to have some sort of municipal garbage service. Maybe because there isn’t anyone in the private sector willing to provide it. In that situation, perhaps a government solution makes sense.

Video: Casino Bill Goes Down in Flames, but Lawmakers Warn of Possible Initiated Measure

In a different context I think I would have liked to see HCR3033, a constitutional amendment introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo) to allow a half-dozen private casinos in the state, go to a vote of the people. I don’t have any more compunctions about gambling. It’s a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment,

Video: House Votes to Restrict Civil Asset Forfeiture Despite Opposition From Law Enforcement

For those of you who don’t know what civil asset forfeiture, it’s essentially a process whereby law enforcement can take property – money, cars, houses, etc. – they feel was used in a crime and keep it regardless of whether or not you’re actually convicted or even charged with anything. Law enforcement literally gets to

Video: Lawmakers Vent Frustrations With DOT During Rumble Strips Debate

Taken at face value HB1284 seems like a pretty simple piece of policy. All it does is require that the rumble strips on our state highways be placed at 20 foot intervals. Typically those strips, which are along the fog lines of most highways in the state and along the center lines on undivided highways,

Facebook Posts Show Republican Legislative Candidate Bragging About Drunk Driving

Matt Ruby is the son of state Rep. Dan Ruby, a Republican from Minot-area District 38. Ruby is also running for the Legislature himself this cycle in District 40. Per screenshots of Facebook posts first published by a left-wing website based in Fargo Ruby appears to have bragged about drunk driving and also insulted a police

"He Thinks We're A Bunch Of Hayseeds" One Lawmaker Says Of Doug Burgum Contributions To Legislative Candidates

In his big money advertising campaign gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum has been campaigning against North Dakota’s budget headaches and rapid spending growth, casting himself as an outsider candidate who will change the status quo. Behind the scenes, though, Burgum has been quietly sending money to the Republican lawmakers who represent that status quo, and not all

Did The House Just Pass An Early Childhood Education Bill Or Daycare Subsidies?

The House had a lengthy debate this morning about SB2151 which would provide subsidies for early childhood education programs around the state. The bill was interesting because, as it was originally introduced, it set up a sort of voucher program for preschool. Parents choosing a preschool program would get for their child a voucher to