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Candidate for North Dakota’s Supreme Court Files Federal Lawsuit Against the Supreme Court

Candidate for North Dakota’s Supreme Court Files Federal Lawsuit Against the Supreme Court

Robert Bolinske is running a campaign for North Dakota’s Supreme Court. He is also, per a filing earlier this week (see below), suing the state Supreme Court in federal court. Bolinske also names the state Disciplinary Board for the Supreme Court, former Justice Dale Sandstrom, District Court Judge Gail Haggerty, and two current members of

Billionaire Who Funded Marsy’s Law Campaign Busted for Drug Trafficking in Las Vegas

The Marsy’s Law campaign here in North Dakota was the pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who has spent millions pushing ballot measures here in North Dakota and elsewhere. In fact, in our state, Nicholas was pretty much the only contributor to the measure campaign, paying for signature collectors and a slick media campaign

ND Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom Calls Marsy’s Law “a Hobby Farm for an Eccentric Billionaire”

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom will be stepping down at the end of his current term, to be replaced by either Judge Jerod Tufte or Bismarck attorney Robert Bolinske who are competing on the November ballot. Yesterday he spoke to the Cass County Bar Association and a SAB reader in attendance tipped me

In Bizarre Letter Supreme Court Candidate Accuses Judges of Criminal and Ethical Violations

Over the past 24 hours or so my inbox has been filling up with forwards from attorneys across the state wanting me to see a missive sent out by state Supreme Court candidate Robert Bolinske. You can read the document below which Bolinske claims to have sent every licensed attorney, every newspaper, and every radio/television

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ND Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom Not Running For Re-Election

Add another open election to North Dakota’s statewide ballot. In addition to the Governor, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner and State Auditor races we now have an incumbent deciding not to run for the state Supreme Court. Justice Dale Sandstrom, who has served on the court for 24 years, has announced that he’s not running for

Man Found Guilty In Fatal Texting While Driving Crash Sentenced To…Mandatory Public Relations?

I think texting while driving as a threat to public safety has been grossly exaggerated, and the data seems to prove it. Cell phone use was a “contributing factor” (a rather broad definition, to be sure) in less than 1 percent of traffic crashes in North Dakota. Nationally, cell phone use was a factor in just