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When Environmentalists Obstruct Solutions To Environmental Problems

When Environmentalists Obstruct Solutions To Environmental Problems

Very often I get the feeling that environmental groups care far less about the environment than they do about advancing certain political agendas. Case in point, the battle over NORM (or naturally occurring radioactive material) which is a byproduct of oil development in North Dakota. Jay Almlie, Senior Research Manager at the University of North Dakota’s

Left-Wing Environmental Groups Demand Public Records That Aren't Really Public

There are two left-wing environmental groups in North Dakota who are making a stink about radioactive material produced in the oil drilling process. One is the Dakota Resource Council, and the other is the North Dakota Energy Industry Waste Coalition headed by Darrel Dorgan, brother to former North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan. These groups have

Anti-Oil Activists Accuse ND Treasurer Kelly Schmidt Of Collusion With Petraeus Firm

Recently former General and CIA Director David Petraeus visited North Dakota where he was hosted by state Treasurer Kelly Schmidt. During his visit he toured the oil fields and held an event with the North Dakota National Guard. His visit was coordinated with Treasurer Schmidt’s office by  Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a private equity firm that currently

More Regulation Won't Fix A Flaring Problem That's Caused By Over Regulation

The federal Bureau of Land Management was in Dickinson this week holding a forum on flaring on the Forth Berthold Indian Reservation. It seems someone packed the room with people from outside of North Dakota – “About a hundred people, many from other states like Montana or Wyoming, filled a ballroom at the Ramada Grand

Feds Smack Down Democrats, Environmentalists On Claims Of PSC Bribery

Conveniently timed for the last election cycle, two environmentalist groups (the taxpayer-funded Dakota Resource Council and the Sierra Club) filed a lawsuit against Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and Commissioner-turned-Congressman Kevin Cramer for accepting political contributions from individuals who work in the coal industry, as well as PAC’s which represent the industry. According to them,

Taxpayer-Funded Environmentalist Group Attacking Fracking In North Dakota

The Dakota Resource Council is at it again. The group, in partnership with its parent organization the Western Organization of Resouce Councils, released a report claiming that fracking operations are sucking the water out of western North Dakota. “The regional network of organizations’ 37-page report, titled “Gone for Good,” warns of continued diminished water supplies

Democrat Proposed Flaring Restriction Would Throw Monkey Wrench Into Oil Production

I don’t think anyone likes flaring, which is the burning off of natural gas from oil wells (right now 30% of the natural gas produced in the Bakken is flared). Environmentalists don’t like it because of the emissions. The oil companies and the capitalists don’t like it because natural gas is valuable, and if there’s

Legislature Considering Slightly Less Objectionable Version Of Conservation Fund Idea

Last year a group of deep-pocket conservation interests spent well in excess of $100,000 on collecting signatures to put a measure on the ballot creating a state conservation board. Per that measure, the board would be funded by an uncapped percentage of state oil tax revenues and would be free to make grants to government