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Ernesto Burbank (left) of the Navaho Dene Nation and Michael Niemi of Duluth are chained together to a door at Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Duluth to protest the proposed Enbridge pipeline. Bob King / Forum News Service

Maybe Banks and Credit Card Companies Shouldn’t Be the Arbiters of American Political Activity

Maybe Banks and Credit Card Companies Shouldn’t Be the Arbiters of American Political Activity

A modern tactic of the American left is to pressure certain institutions – banks, credit companies, universities, etc. – into suppressing political or social activity they don’t like. For instance, mobs of campus activists routinely bully administrators into inhibiting, and at times even prohibiting, right-of-center speech. Another example is activists bringing pressure on banks and

More Cattle Attacked Near #NoDAPL Protests

Over the weekend we got reports of missing and dead cattle near the #NoDAPL protest camps, with the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association offering a reward for information. Today we get news of more livestock attacked with guns and arrows, apparently: SIOUX COUNTY—The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is investigating more reports of cattle that were shot

The Morton County Sheriff's Department released this photo of a Dakota Access security being attacked on Saturday. The sheriff's department said the guard was pinned between his truck and the group of 50 protesters. Note a man standing with a metal post on back of truck and a wooden stick jabbing the man in the side and back.

Trespassing Charge Against Democracy Now Activist Amy Goodman Changed to Engaging in a Riot

On Friday McLean County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson, one of a group of prosecutors handling the overflow of cases from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, dropped trespassing charges against Democracy Now activist Amy Goodman. Instead he filed a new charge which is Engaging in a Riot, a class B misdemeanor. Here’s the law from the

The Seven Councils Camp is in a scenic area of Morton County along the Cannonball River and North Dakota Highway 1806. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Conspiracy Theories About State Response to Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Turn Out to Be Mostly False

As the state has struggled to respond to a very large, and often illegal, protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation there have been a number of unflattering rumors circulating about the state’s response. Some of the claims are: That the state has been using airplanes to inhibit cell phone