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Does The NDGOP Have Bookkeeping Problems?

Does The NDGOP Have Bookkeeping Problems?

Michal Conger published an article for the¬†Washington Examiner a couple of days ago detailing what the headline claims is “strange spending” by the North Dakota-based “super PAC” called the Brighter Future Fund. The group was founded by Odney¬†Advertising president Pat Finken (full disclosure: Odney sends advertising dollars to SAB), and during the 2012 cycle was

Wow: North Dakota Tax Commissioner Candidate Raised $134,000 In 47 Days

Back in October Cory Fong announced he was stepping down as Tax Commissioner to take a private sector job. On November 8th Governor Jack Dalrymple appointed Ryan Rauschenberger, until then the state’s Deputy Tax Commissioner, to replace Fong. Rauschenberger said it was his intent to run for a term of his own after completing Fong’s.