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House Does End-Run Around the Senate To Pass Income Tax Cuts Anyway

House Does End-Run Around the Senate To Pass Income Tax Cuts Anyway

Yesterday the potential for personal and corporate income tax cuts looked pretty grim. The Senate took a $152 million tax cut proposal sent to them by the state House and watered it down to just a $33 million reduction, and then killed it anyway. Clearly, the Senate has lost its appetite for income tax cuts,

Shocker: Senate Strips $375 Million Out Income Tax Cuts Passed By The House

About the only bright spot for tax relief this legislative session was a half-billion dollar package of corporate and personal income taxes passed by the House. Unfortunately, and as expected, the state Senate has watered those tax cuts down to the paltry $125 million in cuts proposed in Governor Jack Dalrymple’s executive budget. And Senate

North Dakota House Passes A Half Billion In Income Tax Cuts Almost Unanimously

After much floor debate, and procedural maneuvering by Assistant Minority Leader Corey Mock to set up a separate vote on the corporate taxes, Rep. Craig Headland’s proposed income tax cuts (HB1250) have passed. Here’s what the bill does: The financial institutions tax rate goes from 6.5% to 6%. That’s a $2.4 million cut. The number

Will North Dakota Democrats Be Dropping Their Opposition To Corporate Tax Relief?

Over the last several legislative sessions, because the State of North Dakota has been enjoying a tax revenue windfall, various tax relief measures have been debated before the legislature. One area of tax relief that has passed has been reductions in the corporate income tax rate, which Democrats hate. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider