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Sports Fans Are Not A University's Constituents

Sports Fans Are Not A University's Constituents

Last week Grand Forks Herald sports reporter Brad Schlossman threw some shade at University of North Dakota President Ed Schafer over his handling of cuts to the school’s athletic programs. “The UND President’s Office botched the cutting of the baseball team, resulting in weeks of controversy and negative headlines,” he wrote. UND had a budget shortfall


NDSU Hits Students With Request For A 35 Percent Fee Increase

According to this report in the NDSU student newspaper, a request from the university’s athletics department for a 35.5 percent fee increase was met with a cool response from the students. I should point out that this is exemplary of the way athletics programs at schools like NDSU make attendance more expensive for students. Things like football

Misplaced Priorities: NDSU Spends Double Per Athlete Than It Does Per Student

This afternoon the North Dakota State University Bison football team will play in Frisco, Texas, for a third-straight FCS championship title. Thousands of North Dakotans have flocked to Texas for the game. The politicians have made their phony-baloney bets. And the President of NDSU, Dean Bresciani, is assuring us that this is all very good

In 40 Out Of 50 States The Highest Paid Public Official Is A Coach

This inforgraphic from Deadspin represents a pretty said commentary on the state of our priorities. In 40 out of the 50 states, the highest paid person on the public’s payroll is a university athletics coach. Also worth noting is that in 100% of the states, the highest paid public official is someone in higher ed: