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What Will Republicans Do if Trump’s Popularity With North Dakotans Continues to Fall?

What Will Republicans Do if Trump’s Popularity With North Dakotans Continues to Fall?

As we head into the NDGOP state convention this weekend we have heard a lot from the Republican candidates about how much they line up with President Donald Trump’s agenda, and how much their Democratic opponents do not. That makes a certain sort of sense. After all, President Trump got nearly 63 percent of the

North Dakota Democrats Have a Point About Trump’s Trade Fight With China

News this morning is that China has fired back at President Donald Trump’s aggressive trade movies, threatening tariffs on 106 American products including (perhaps most importantly for North Dakota) soybeans. Our state is one of the top soybean producers in the state. And, doing the political calculus on this situation, soybeans are grown perhaps most

If A Trade Embargo For Cuba Is Justified, Why Not China And Vietnam Too?

Yesterday Florida Republican Marco Rubio took to the floor of the Senate to lambaste a group of Senators, led by Tom Harkin of Iowa and including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkmap, who visited Cuba and delivered a glowing report from that country back here in America. Rubio, rightly I think, read his colleagues the riot act

Summer Trips For North Dakota Politicians: Legitimate Official Business, Or Expenses-Paid Vacations?

It’s summer time, and for most American families that means vacation time. The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for some travel. Even for our political leaders, it seems, who have taken a number of trips to exotic locations with the tab picked up by the taxpayer and/or special

It's Not The Global Warming, It's The Subsidies

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the corn belt moving north to North Dakota which, historically, doesn’t have the ideal climate for growing corn. So what’s driving this trend? According to the WSJ, it’s global warming: The shift, which is occurring in northern Minnesota and Canada’s Manitoba province as well, shows how

Is It That Technology Changes Too Fast, Or Is The Government Holding Us Back?

There are two mistaken ideas about economics that, throughout history, significant numbers of people make again and again. One is the Malthusian idea about diminishing resources. This has been around since Thomas Malthus wrote about humanity outgrowing its ability to produce food, which would inevitably lead to widespread famine according to Malthus. Of course, that

Guest Post: China's Strategic Next Step Is Buying Critical US Taxpayer-Funded Technology

Unless the Obama administration intervenes, the United States may soon have to depend on one of China’s wealthiest and most politically-connected Communist party leaders for access to taxpayer-funded technology that will power the next generation of space satellites and unmanned military vehicles. In the world of advanced lithium-ion batteries, the Holy Grail has been the