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Discrimination Against Student Athletes?

Discrimination Against Student Athletes?

After I reported that nearly a quarter million dollars worth of Challenge Fund grants to the state’s university foundations had been used for athletic scholarships at NDSU, Minot State, and Dickinson State, lawmakers decided to amend HB1151 which is the re-authorization from the fund. Even though the original legislation creating the fund said, in clear language, that

Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley Defends Use Of Academic Grants For Athletic Scholarships

Last week I wrote a story about Challenge Fund grants being used for athletic scholarships. Today the Forum Communications has caught up to the story (with no hat tip for the guy who broke it, naturally). The Challenge Fund was set up by the Legislature during the 2013 session to provide matching public dollars for private

Grants Intended Exclusively For Academics Used For Athletic Scholarships

During the 2013 session of the Legislature the state created, with HB1204, what is called the Challenge Grants fund. That fund had a $29 million appropriation which would be used to match private donations to the state’s universities. For ever $2 in private dollars raised the universities get $1 in public dollars. The idea was

Higher Ed Challenge Fund Should Be Renewed Only With Oversight For Universities, Foundations

During the 2013 legislative session lawmakers authorized $29 million to match donations to the state’s institutions of higher education. The funds come in the form of grants, and every $1 in taxpayer dollars must be matched by $2 in privately-raised dollars. Supposedly it’s all been a rousing success, which the Grand Forks Herald editorial board applauds. I’m