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David Letterman Mocks Fargo As Drunkest City In America

David Letterman Mocks Fargo As Drunkest City In America

That CDC report which labeled Fargo the “drunkest city in America” has now become a late night punchline with David Letterman doing one of his signature top-ten lists. Yeah, he’s apparently still doing those. I talked a bit about this issue on-air today guest hosting on WDAY, and it would be nice if we used

Does Fargo Really Have A Drinking Problem?

I don’t think there’s any question that North Dakotans are drinkers. But are North Dakotans problem drinkers? You’d get that feeling from all the headlines about a CDC report which named Fargo the “drunkest city in America.” A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report revealed that 38 million Americans drink too much, but

Feds Want Drunk Driving Level Lowered To .05 BAC

The federal government bullied the states into lowering the blood alcohol level at which point a driver is considered drunk to .08 years ago by threatening to remove federal transportation funds for state that didn’t comply. Now the feds want to go even lower, taking the legal limit down to .05 BAC. WASHINGTON — States

Democrat Blames North Dakota Suicide Spike On Oil Patch

The Associated Press is reporting some grim suicide numbers in North Dakota which show a 70% spike among those aged 35-64, an increase nearly double the national average of 28%: A federal study says North Dakota had 1 of the nation’s highest increases in the suicide rate among middle-aged people in the past decade. The