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A Father's Day Lament

A Father's Day Lament

Father’s Day isn’t quite the same as mother’s day. Every year statistics, well-worn but still true, are cited to prove it. There are more collect calls on Father’s Day than any other day of the year. About 140 million moms receive cards for Mother’s Day, compared to just 90 million dads getting Father’s Day cards.

State Department Implicated In Covering Up Drug Rings, Sexual Assaults

Remember that new moral authority the Obama administration was going to give us in the world after eight years of cowboy diplomacy under President George W. Bush? It’s sort of hard to build up that authority when the State Department is covering up sexual assaults and drug ring operations: WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Uncovered documents

Miss World Cancels Bikini Competition After Muslims Object

If a group of Christians objected to a beauty pageant bikini competition they’d be subjected to much snickering and ridicule. They certainly wouldn’t be catered to. But Muslims object, and suddenly we must be sensitive to their views. Which isn’t to say that we ought to cancel bikini contests when Christians demand it too. Count

Property Assessments Set To "Skyrocket" In North Dakota's Fourth Largest County

Republicans are busy touting the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of “property tax relief” they passed in the recent legislative session, but if property owners thought that was going to mean some relief on their property tax statements think again. In Ward County, the state’s fourth largest county, property taxes are set to “skyrocket”

CBS Columnist: Indians Who Like The Washington "Redskins" Nickname Are Uncle Toms

Here in North Dakota a years-long battle over the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname ended with a whimper when the Spirit Lake Sioux tribe lost a federal appeal in their lawsuit against the NCAA. Yes, that’s right, at the end of that fight the people fighting hardest to keep the Sioux nickname at

Support For Gay Marriage Among Republicans Up 24% In The Last Year

A slim majority of Republicans do still oppose gay marriage, but the numbers are changing rapidly per a CBS poll. In fact, 33% of the people who said they support gay marriage said they once held the opposite position. As the Supreme Court begins to hear oral arguments in cases involving two high-profile laws to

The Sequester Cuts Are Anything But "Deep"

There’s a lot of media alarmism going on over automatic sequester cuts, a bi-partisan idea put forward by President Obama and embraced by Republicans, set to take place in April unless Congress intervenes. The New York Times describes them as “deep automatic spending cuts that will strike hard.” Locally, too, there is no shortage of

Is North Dakota At Risk Of A Development Bubble?

For those of us living in or near the oil patch, watching as hotel after hotel is built has become a common sight along with development of new housing and businesses. But are we in danger of supply of housing supply – hotel rooms, apartments and homes – outstripping demand? “Minot hotel occupancy is down,”

Newtown Shooter Saw Gun Free Zone As The Easiest Target

Keep in mind, every single mass shooting in America, with the exception of the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords, has taken place in a “gun free zone.” Now, according to law enforcement sources, it seems Newtown shooter Adam Lanza picked his target to maximize his body count. And what better target than a

School Bans White Kids From After School Tutoring Program

The disturbing evolution in government “equality” programs is the application of discrimination to fix discrimination. We hope to inequality resulting from discrimination based on things like skin color by…discriminating based on things like skin color. Case in point, a school in Colorado which has banned white kids from an after school tutoring program. From the