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It's Not Sexist To Be Critical Of Women

It's Not Sexist To Be Critical Of Women

Earlier this week I wrote a post about a woman named Amy Walker who is being presented in pro-Measure 5 advertising as a current teacher in Mandan. I noted in my post that not only is she not a current teacher, not only was the classroom she was shown sitting in a prop, but she’s

Measure 5 Organizer Is Married To Anti-Oil Federal Prosecutor

Remember back in 2011 when North Dakota U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon – appointed to that position by President Obama directly from the Democrat National Committee – tried to prosecute some oil companies over a couple of dozen dead ducks? Purdon filed criminal charges – yes, criminal charges – against six oil companies under the Migratory

Conservation Measure Proponents Get Laughs At Chamber Event

I’m at the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce¬†policy summit today (I’ll be on a panel in the afternoon about state spending) and the first discussion was about the conservation measure which aims to divert 5 percent of oil extraction revenues to a fund for conservation (read: a lot of money). There were two supporters