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Democrats Deploy Virginia Resident Byron Dorgan to Lecture North Dakotans About Obamacare

Democrats Deploy Virginia Resident Byron Dorgan to Lecture North Dakotans About Obamacare

Byron Dorgan spent his last years in the United States Senate only pretending to live in North Dakota. These days he doesn’t have to pretend any more, condescending to leave his Virginia mansion and visit we peasants only when it’s time for him to lend his name recognition to some left wing cause in the

Oh Shut Up, Byron Dorgan

In a column for Real Clear Politics former North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan bemoans the atrophy Democrats have suffered in elected office across the country, particularly out here in the flyover states. “Democrats Must Show Up to Win Back Heartland Voters,” reads the headline: Nearly one-third of the Democrats now serving in the U.S. House

Hey Byron Dorgan, if You Have to Tell Us Heidi Heitkamp Isn’t in Trouble Then She’s in Trouble

Over the weekend former North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan wrote an angry letter to the Grand Forks Herald disputing that paper’s statement in an editorial that current Senator Heidi Heitkamp may be in some political hot water heading into 2018. The Herald’s editorial position isn’t at all a stretch. Heitkamp barely won election to her current and

Voting For Sanders, North Dakota's Democrats Move To The Left Of Relevance

At the national level Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is struggling mightily to unite her party even as her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, continues to win in some states. That made North Dakota’s caucus last night kind of important, as implausible as that might seem. Normally our state is almost irrelevant to presidential politics, but


Byron Dorgan Blisters NDSU: "A Lack Of Leadership And Vision"

For years now I’ve been an outspoken critic of North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani, a man who has made plenty of enemies for himself among lawmakers and state government in general. But some Bresciani apologists have tried to attribute this criticism to partisan politics. Just typical conservative anger over progressive campus leadership. At least,

North Dakota Democrats Shifting To The Right On Trade?

Last night the U.S. Senate passed a trade bill that gives the executive branch a “fast track” process to bringing trade agreements before Congress. This is a generally positive development. The easier trade is, the better off we all are. But among the surprising votes for the agreement was Senator Heidi Heitkamp. You can see

Video: Byron Dorgan Tries To Explain Why Democrats Can't Win In North Dakota

North Dakota Democrats got a shellacking on election night. On the statewide ballot only Ag Commission candidate Ryan Taylor got more than 40 percent of the vote. And despite a long campaign against the Republican-controlled Legislature, complete with accusations of too much focus on abortion and denying little kids their milk, the best Democrats were

Heidi Heitkamp And The "Sneak It Past The Rubes" Theory

At The Weekly Standard Jay Cost writes about what he describes as the “sneak it past the rubes” theory. North Dakotans might recognize the tactic, and the names of a few of its former practitioners: It seems that the Democrats have been developing a third model of representation of late: Call it the “sneak it past

Former ND Senator Byron Dorgan Joins Anti-Nuke Group

This is an interesting tid-bit about former North Daktoa Senator Byron Dorgan, courtesy of Politico: NEWSOM AND DORGAN JOIN CENTER FOR ARMS CONTROL AND NON-PROLIFERATION BOARD: California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom will join the Center’s Board of Directors and former Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) will join the Center’s National Advisory Board. “As a member of

Democrats To Honor "Team North Dakota" Which Disbanded After Obamacare Vote

When you’re as thoroughly marginalized as North Dakota Democrats are, functions like the state convention become difficult. It’s hard to make a show of force when you have exactly one person who was elected on the statewide ballot. So, Democrats must resort to looking into their past for people to put on display at their