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North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak explains a point at a commission meeting Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. Bismarck Tribune photo

Give Commissioner Fedorchak Credit for Sticking With North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

Give Commissioner Fedorchak Credit for Sticking With North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

During the 2015 legislative session Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak fought a pitched battle, mostly behind-the-scenes, against cantankerous lawmakers who were skeptical of her desire to create a state-level rail inspection program. With 20/20 hindsight, we can now see that Fedorchak had the right of this issue. The Legislature, grudgingly, authorized a temporary program with

Is A Bomb Train Still A Bomb Train If It Doesn't Go Boom?

Last week there was an oil train derailment near Culbertson, Montana, which resulted in leaked oil but no fire or explosion, no doubt to the chagrin of certain media types and activists who delight in such things. Which isn’t to say that the incident didn’t get sensationalized. Oil train derailments are a very important element

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmental activists are planning a week of protests against oil by rail shipments in remembrance of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, derailment and explosion which killed 47 people. That train was hauling oil from North Dakota’s oil fields. In fact, most of the oil produced in North Dakota is shipped by rail these days thanks to a lack of

Train Derailment Forces Evacuation In Tennessee But No Big Deal Because It Wasn't Oil

Anti-oil activists have been making a stink about rail safety of late, blustering about “bomb trains” and other hyperboles. And while the safe transport of oil is certainly a worthy topic of discussion, one gets the idea that these train derailments are less about public safety than about hamstringing oil. With the anti-oil activists successfully