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It’s Time to Stop Listening to the Legacy Fund Hoarders

It’s Time to Stop Listening to the Legacy Fund Hoarders

In 2009 the North Dakota Legislature passed a constitutional amendment to create a fund out of a portion of taxes on oil and gas development. It was passed by the voters in the 2010 election, and the result is the Legacy Fund which has a balance of around $5 billion. Over the years there have

Drama In NDGOP As Woman Challenges Gender Roles In Party

Yesterday we got news that NDGOP Chairman Bob Harms was withdrawing his bid for another term in that position, leaving only state Senator Kelly Armstrong and activist Andrea Toman as the remaining activists. But then Toman switched her bid to run for party Vice Chairman, which is a position currently held by former Insurance Commissioner

Local Republicans Say They're Ready To Sue State Party Over Reorganization Dispute

The leadership in the NDGOP’s District 10 organization say they’re ready to sue their own state party if they’re forced to re-organize. What follows is going to be a deep swim through the often arcane procedures of district-level partisan organization, but this is an important matter and I think the public should have some eyeballs

Heidi Heitkamp, Party Switcher?

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey says the Keystone debacle may have a couple of Senate Democrats “on the radar” for switching sides. “Even the Democratic leadership in the Senate left Landrieu twisting in the wind, which prompted public disgust from Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp, two Democrats that might be on the GOP radar for

Slow Down Oil Development Says…Head Of The North Dakota Republican Party? UPDATE: Lobbies For Enviro Group

I’ve been getting email all morning – praise and gloating from liberal readers, and puzzlement from conservative readers – about this CNBC article quoting NDGOP Chairman Robert Harms calling for a slowdown in oil production in North Dakota: A prominent North Dakota Republican has called for a slowdown in the state’s oil production boom following

Tax Credits Will Do Little To Curb Flaring

There’s some common ground between folks who are friendly to oil development and environmental activists who want to shut it down over legislation handing out tax credits for reductions in natural gas flaring. As oil production in North Dakota’s oil patch has increased, so has natural gas flaring. So much so that, seen from space,