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Prairie Public’s Antenna Problem Seems Like Prairie Public’s Problem

Prairie Public’s Antenna Problem Seems Like Prairie Public’s Problem

The Kilbourne Group, a Fargo-based development company founded (well before he took office) by Governor Doug Burgum, is building a 235 foot tower in downtown Fargo called Block 9. Said tower would block ability of Prairie Public to push radio and television signals to a repeater tower in Wheatland that, in turn, feeds those signals

Political Quandary Looms for Governor Burgum as Legislation Clashes With His Private Business Interests

Yesterday House lawmakers passed SB2166 by a 75-17 vote. The bill had previously in the Senate on a 38-8 vote. “The bill forbids cities from creating TIF districts in existing renaissance zones and forbids the state Department of Commerce from authorizing renaissance zones in existing TIF districts after July 31,” my colleague Tu-Uyen Tran reports.

Hey Forum Editorial Board, You Should Read Your Own Reporting

Earlier this week the Fargo city commission approved what has become something of a controversial project in downtown Fargo. Businessman, and gubernatorial candidate, Doug Burgum and some partners received a bunch of public assistance to build the Block 9 development. Millions and millions in public assistance, leading some to wonder why we need to help

How Come Doug Burgum Can Self-Fund His Campaign But Not His Downtown Skyscraper?

We don’t know how many millions Fargo businessman Doug Burgum will have poured into his gubernatorial campaign this cycle,  because he wont’t tell us and North Dakota’s too-lax campaign finance laws don’t require it, but we do know how many millions he and his partners will get in subsidies for their ambitious skyscraper project in downtown