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NDSU Athletics Is Not a Business

NDSU Athletics Is Not a Business

Collegiate athletics are an enormous distraction from the core academic mission of America’s universities. At a time when the affordability of getting a higher education degree is a major problem for millions upon millions of Americans, athletic programs make the cost of operating public universities more expensive for taxpayers and the cost of attending more

Misplaced Priorities: NDSU Spends Double Per Athlete Than It Does Per Student

This afternoon the North Dakota State University Bison football team will play in Frisco, Texas, for a third-straight FCS championship title. Thousands of North Dakotans have flocked to Texas for the game. The politicians have made their phony-baloney bets. And the President of NDSU, Dean Bresciani, is assuring us that this is all very good

Shocker: NDSU Football Players Guilty Of Petition Fraud Not Completing Community Service

It was an absolute travesty that a group of North Dakota State University football players received little more than slaps on the wrist for forging tens of thousands of petition signatures, something that derailed two ballot initiative campaigns that had seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending. The players received only community service from

Fargo-Area Legislators Introduce Resolution Commending NDSU Bison Football Criminals

A group of Fargo-area legislators have introduced HCR3025 commending the NDSU Bison football team, as well as head coach Craig Bohl and NDSU President Dean Bresciani, “for achieving a rare level of dominance in NCAA Division I football.” I’ve never really liked these sort of resolution. These sort of symbolic pats-on-the-head are a waste of