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When Sports Journalism Is An Oxymoron

When Sports Journalism Is An Oxymoron

Earlier this week the University of North Dakota made national headlines when they suspended a play-by-play announcer, Paul Ralston, for telling the truth when the university’s basketball team pulled off a “choke job” (his words) at the end of a game. Now, it’s undeniable that the team choked. The fans knew it. The coach admitted

UND Suspends Play By Play Announcer For Being Too Critical

Here’s a shining example of the state of free speech in higher education today: GRAND FORKS – The University of North Dakota announced Monday that North Dakota men’s basketball announcer Paul Ralston has been suspended from his play-by-play duties for two games due to comments he made after Saturday’s game against Northern Arizona. … Ralston

No More Second Chances For The North Dakota University System

In declaring the controversy over an office in the new North Dakota University System IT building over, the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial board hopes the NDUS “makes the most of its second chance.” Here’s a question: How many second chances are we going to give the university system? They got a second chance after ordering

Shirvani Involved In "Near-Constant Strife" Across Multiple Universities Since 1990

Even after Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and the State Board of Higher Education backed off their push to build a large chancellor’s suite in a building intended for university system IT workers, state Senator Tony Grindberg and others are intent on pushing he chancellor out. Mostly because this issue is about far more than the office.

Legislators Friendly To Higher Ed Seek To Gut Power Of The State Auditor

Over the last couple of years the State Auditor Bob Peterson’s office has produced some very inconvenient reports for the university system. When the State Auditor was looking into the Dickinson State University “diploma mill” fiasco they pushed back against efforts by then-university system Chancellor Bill Goetz to limit the scope of the audit. Eventually