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North Dakota's Senators Are Both Millionaires

North Dakota's Senators Are Both Millionaires

The Center for Responsive Politics (the folks who run OpenSecrets.org) have released their analysis of 2012 congressional finance disclosures, which may seem a little odd coming in 2014. “It may seem surprising that 2012 data on the personal finances of lawmakers, the Supreme Court and the executive branch is considered new in January 2014,” writes

The War Over Pipelines: Heidi Heitkamp Has Big Financial Ties To Warren Buffett

After a catastrophic, but thankfully not deadly or injurious, train derailment near Casselton, North Dakota, right before the holiday the need for pipeline infrastructure has been put into sharp focus. Pipelines are, without a doubt, a safer way to transport oil. They’re not perfect – as North Dakotans saw earlier this year when a Tesoro-owned