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Hundreds Of Activists Pack Republican District Conventions Across North Dakota

Hundreds Of Activists Pack Republican District Conventions Across North Dakota

In his column today Mike Jacobs alludes to some interesting outcomes for Republican legislative races in three districts across the state: In District 28, William Kretschmar—a long-serving member of the North Dakota House—was defeated. He’s regarded as too tolerant on social issues. Likewise in District 36, Alan Fehr lost to a candidate who presented himself

ND Democrats To Business Community: Shut Up

A group of Democrat lawmakers have introduced an amendment to the state constitution which erase free speech rights for people acting through corporations. Introducing HCR 3050 in the #NDLeg today: http://t.co/MG5cpiQ7IM because corporations are not people my friends. #NDpol — Rep. Ben Hanson (@BenjaminWHanson) March 9, 2015 Here’s the text of the proposed amendment which

House Says No To Forming Sunset Committee To Review Inactive Boards And Committees

There’s probably nothing more government than forming a committee to study committees, but HB1361 sponsored by Rep. Ben Hanson (D-Fargo) was actually a pretty good idea. The gist of the legislation was to review the hundreds of boards and committees set up by the state and see which ones are active and still, you know, doing stuff.

Bill Seeks To Dissolve State Boards That Haven't Met In More Than Two Years

Did you know that the State of North Dakota has at least 144 official boards and commissions? I’m not joking. That’s the number listed on Governor’s Office website, and there are probably a great deal more. They encompass everything from the Beef Commission to the Dairy Board to boards overseeing cosmetologists and barbers. But how

House Passes Bill Allowing Earlier Alcohol Sales On Sundays

HB1434 – the so-called “brunch bill” introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) – passed the state House narrowly today, but without much debate. The final vote was 49-42, but Rep. Ben Hanson who carried the bill out of the Industry, Business, and Labor Committee (where it got a 10-4 “do pass” recommendation) was the

Legislators Should Tie Transparency Measures To Local Government Funding

Over the last several bienniums one of the primary opponents to transparency efforts for taxation and spending in the state is local governments. During the 2009 legislative session Rep. Blair Thoreson, a Republican from Fargo, passed legislation creating a searchable database of state spending (you can see it here). That was a big success, and

North Dakota Legislative Trip Paid For By Controversial Islamic Group

I recently wrote a post about a trip to Turkey taken by a number of North Dakota legislators paid for by a group called the Turkish American Federation of the Midwest. In speaking with some legislators who didn’t take they trip, they told me that it was organized through what some described as an odd