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Trump Surrogate Ben Carson To Speak At NDGOP Convention

Trump Surrogate Ben Carson To Speak At NDGOP Convention

Yesterday Mike Nowatzki had an article suggesting that there will be two high-profile keynote speakers at the North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention next month. Today I can report┬áthat one of those speakers will be former national candidate Ben Carson. Carson dropped out of the national GOP’s presidential nomination race earlier this month and has

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North Dakota Is Trump/Carson Territory (With A Smattering Of Bernie Sanders)

The data mavens over at FiveThirtyEight.com took a look at the presidential nomination races as measured by Facebook likes. As you can see from the map above, North Dakota is Donald Trump/Ben Carson territory with a smattering of Bernie Sanders love in the urban areas (Grand Forks and Cass Counties) as well as counties encompassed

Enough With The Fox News Celebrities Running For President

Given that I write about politics for a living my friends and family are often keen to ask me what I think of how the presidential race is shaping up. Can Hillary Clinton win? Who will Republicans pick from among their ever-growing cast of potential candidates? They’re often surprised to hear me express ambivalence about