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Who Are North Dakota’s Most Conservative Lawmakers?

Who Are North Dakota’s Most Conservative Lawmakers?

Who are the most and least conservative members of North Dakota’s state legislature based on the 2019 session? The folks at the American Conservative Union want to tell you. They’ve ranked the lawmakers based on their votes on pieces of legislation selected by the ACU as bellwethers. I’m always a bit dubious about these sorts

North Dakota’s Legislature May Not Be as Conservative as You Think

If you listen to the gibberings of left wing commentators here in North Dakota you might get the idea that our state is run by an group of far-right extremists, but according to legislative ratings recently released by the American Conservative Union that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, North Dakota’s Republican majorities

North Dakotan Bruce Gjovig Receives Award At CPAC Conference

SAB readers attending the CPAC conference were surprised when a man from North Dakota won an award last night. Turns out it was Bruce Gjovig, head of the UND Center for Innovation Foundation in Grand Forks, who got the Ronald Reagan Award. According to the press release, it’s “an honor given annually to a  leader fighting