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The Amazon.com logo in Kenosha, Wis. Bloomberg photo by Jim Young

We Shouldn’t Inflate the Cost of Government Just to Shop Local

We Shouldn’t Inflate the Cost of Government Just to Shop Local

In Ward County (Minot)the local government is grappling with a conundrum which really shouldn’t be all that controversial. Some county employees, motivated as they should be by a desire to be good stewards of taxpayer money, want the ability to shop at online retailers like Amazon for supplies. The benefit of this is self-evident based

Amazon facility in Grand Forks, North Dakota. (Grand Forks Herald photo/Sam Easter)

Politician Inadvertently Illustrates Why Economic Development Incentives Are Dumb Public Policy

Amazon has been causing quite a stir with its announcement the building of a new, two-campus east coast headquarters to be located in Virginia and New York. Those states lured the company in with hefty economic development incentives and – hold on to your hats – I find myself agreeing with newly-elected Democratic congresswoman and

Did You Get Some "Dirty" Money From Amazon Today?

Like a lot of other people, I woke up to some money from Amazon in my email inbox. Your mileage will vary – I got $53.33 (I buy a lot of books) and North Dakotans in general got back nearly $390,000 – but the payments result from the settlement of an anti-trust case against book publishers. With