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Shocker: Sequester Hasn't Resulted In Air Travel Apocalypse

Shocker: Sequester Hasn't Resulted In Air Travel Apocalypse

The Obama administration has been working long and hard to make the sequester spending reductions, which are really quite modest and only slow the rate of federal spending growth rather than cutting it, as painful as possible. Because President Obama and Democrats just can’t let the public catch on to the idea that there might

Is Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients An Unconstitutional Violation Of Privacy?

During today’s hearing over HB1385 to require drug testing for welfare recipients, the state’s welfare bureaucrats claimed that requiring such testing might be an unconstitutional violation of the 4th amendment: States enacting such legislation have been “susceptible to constitutional challenges,” said Carol Cartledge, public assistance director for the state Department of Human Services. “Drug testing

TSA Is Removing Nudie Scanners From Airports

After insisting to the public that the Rapiscan – or “rape scan” as critics called them – machines could be used without violating the privacy of travelers, and after millions of travelers were subjected to them, the TSA is removing them from airports because – surprise! – they can’t really be modified to protect our