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"You can’t find a broad brush solution to evil.”

"You can’t find a broad brush solution to evil.”

Robert Steed, a resident of Vernon, Conn. took three days straight off work to attend gun control hearings in Connecticut. On March 14th he was finally able to deliver some testimony, and in a word it was epic (via The Blaze). “Adam Lanza commits a crime, and I’m here to grovel and plead for my

Shocker: New Town Shooter Picked School Because It Was A Vulnerable Gun Free Zone

After all the gnashing of teeth about America’s “gun culture” in the aftermath of the New Town shooting, it turns out that what made the school a target for shooter Adam Lanza was anti-gun policy. According to evidence collected by law enforcement, Lanza was methodical in how he picked his target and settled on the

Colorado Democrat Would Prefer That Potential Rape Victims Not Arm Themselves

It’s a war on women: From Red State: Chill, women, says Colorado Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar. While arguing for the disarmament of college students, Salazar says that even if women feel like they’re going to be raped, they may not, so who needs a firearm for protection? From Revealing Politics: “It’s why we have call

Newtown Shooter Saw Gun Free Zone As The Easiest Target

Keep in mind, every single mass shooting in America, with the exception of the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords, has taken place in a “gun free zone.” Now, according to law enforcement sources, it seems Newtown shooter Adam Lanza picked his target to maximize his body count. And what better target than a