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Becker Must Not Be Expecting To Actually Win The Nomination For Governor

Becker Must Not Be Expecting To Actually Win The Nomination For Governor

As I noted previously, the Andrew Sadek case Рnow that it has been elevated to national prominence by 60 Minutes Рmay be, fairly or unfairly, a chink in the armor of wildly popular Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Stenehjem, of course, has launched his campaign for governor and his political enemies and opponents no doubt

Cramer Gets Heat For Linking Legalized Abortions And School Shootings

Even though it’s not an election year, it’s clear the avenues of communication between North Dakota Democrats and national liberal media like the Huffington Post are still wide open. A couple of weeks ago Rep. Kevin Cramer delivered the commencement remarks at the University of Mary in Bismarck. In the remarks, Rep. Cramer decried what

Kevin Cramer's Spirit Lake Confrontation Sure Seems Like A Set Up

Earlier today I posted about the Spirit Lake Reservation tribal official who accused Rep. Kevin Cramer of “verbal abuse” being a political operative. It turns out that the story goes quite a bit deeper than that, and is actually connected to my having been kicked out of what was bill as a “independent media convention”

Woman Who Accused Rep. Cramer Of "Verbal Abuse" Is A Democrat Operative

Yesterday news broke that a Spirit Lake Indian Reservation official had accused Rep. Kevin Cramer of “threats of violence” and “verbal abuse” during a discussion over his concerns about the Violence Against Women Act. The woman, one Melissa Merrick, posted her version of events online but so far that version hasn’t been corroborated by anyone