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President Trump’s Threat Against NBC’s Broadcast License Is Stupid and Counterproductive

President Trump’s Threat Against NBC’s Broadcast License Is Stupid and Counterproductive

Our blustery President, in one of his fits of social media pique, suggested that perhaps the broadcast license for NBC News ought to be pulled based on some of their coverage:   With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License?

Charlottesville Was a Violent Clash of Identity Politics

All Americans of good faith were horrified by the events in Charlottesville over the weekend. To see that sort of political violence on U.S. soil is nothing short of horrifying. Ostensibly the Unite the Right rally was aimed at protesting the removal of local Confederate monuments, but let’s not kid ourselves. The protest and counter-protest

For Over 100 Years North Dakotans Didn’t Have the Right to Free Speech on Election Day

The long, dreary national election ends today. How long and dreary has it been? “In the time since the first major-party nominees announced their candidacy in early 2015, our then-5-month-old baby has become a walking, talking toddler and our spirited kindergartner has become an even more spirited second-grader,” my colleague Kris Kerzman writes in a

Citing ‘Surreptitious Propaganda’ Congressman Kevin Cramer Promises Hearings on Political Media Bias

“As a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce with subcommittee assignments to Communications and Technology and Oversight and Investigations, I am writing to inform you that I intend to request a hearing to explore network media bias in coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign,” North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer, an outspoken supporter

Hey Amy Goodman, Calling Yourself a Journalist Is Not License to Break the Law

Amy Goodman, who creates left-wing propaganda for Democracy Now, is decrying trespassing charges filed against her because she says she was acting as a journalist when she charged onto private property alongside #NoDAPL protesters earlier this year. “There’s many justifications and legal justifications for why you’re on somebody’s property,” her attorney, Bismarck-based Tom Dickson, told the

Hillary Clinton: America Would Be Less Violent If Weren't For All This Free Speech

In the digital age I guess we’re not ever going to live through the sort of tragedy we just saw in South Carolina without seeing it turned into a justification for more laws and restrictions by the sort of people who think every problem can be solved by more laws and restrictions. Usually, and certainly

In Defense Of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

There is a serious backlash brewing against the State of Indiana over the state’s recently-passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which some perceive as providing carte blanche to those who want to discriminate against gays. Celebrities and businesses are scrambling to announce boycotts of the state, and Governor Mike Pence’s support for the law seems to be