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Guest Post: Does North Dakota Want To Be Known As The State That Taxes Water?

Guest Post: Does North Dakota Want To Be Known As The State That Taxes Water?

Last month, I  alerted you to the introduction of a bill (HB 1398) that would create an entirely new tax on water used for industrial purposes. Since that point, the bill has been heard in the House Natural Resources Committee, and the bill’s Republican prime sponsor (Rep. George Keiser of Bismarck) suggested that the bill be

Guest Post: AG Opinion On NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding Doesn't Settle The Matter

Lost in the media celebration following the Attorney General Opinion on the NDSU issue is the fact that nothing has changed.   This legal opinion addressed an internal issue at NDSU, but the fundamental questions raised by many last month about the Obamacare grant remain unanswered. 1) Why is the federal government spending $1.2 million of

Guest Post: Change Oil Taxes To Protect The People

North Dakota’s current oil tax policy is an assortment of taxes, triggers and discount incentives that have been cobbled together over the last 60 years. Not only has new technology made our tax policy obsolete, our current oil tax law poses great risk to our state’s long term oil tax revenue dependability. As chair of

Guest Post: Don't Fix North Dakota's Oil Tax

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times By this, I am not suggesting extensive expertise of the oil industry nor how our state taxes it. Maybe that’s the problem? I am not sure many people understand oil taxes outside a select few who make or lobby for the rules. Those

Guest Post: Fargo Needs Flood Protection, But Not A Blank Check

Bags ‘O Money. That’s what it takes to build a $2 billion dollar diversion. Bags ‘O Bags ‘O Money. The question is who will pay? After successful prodding by the Fargo Mayor, voters last spring approved an extension of a half cent sales tax. That means Fargo residents will only have to pay 60% of

Guest Post: Fargo Leaders Aim At Spending More Than Necessary For Flood Protection

It is my understanding that the proposed 2nd street tunnel project in Fargo would provide the same protection that a flood wall would, only at a far greater cost, with the added benefits of green space and beautification. Why are we so eager to spend more than necessary to meet the objective of flood control?

Guest Post: Protect North Dakota Gays From Discrimination

I consider myself a Republican and I deeply support SB 2252 which would protect members of the LGBT community against discrimination in employment and housing. I support this bill because of my republicanism. I believe in one’s right and control of property. I feel that it would be unjust for a landlord to kick out

Guest Post: NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding About Politics Not Science

Jane Ahlin takes great liberties with the word “scientific” in her Fargo Forum column published January 19, 2013. In her comments regarding President Bresciani’s decision to “freeze” the $1.2 million in grant funding for a North Dakota State University (NDSU) joint venture with Planned Parenthood (PP), Ms. Ahlin takes great liberty with words and “facts”

Guest Post: Fargo Leaders Have Devised A Plan To Push Their Flood Problem Onto Someone Else

“Natural flood plain” is a phrase that has been getting some attention recently. Flood plains serve as natural flood protection. When a river is allowed to spread out it reduces the height of flood for everyone. Conversely, when a flood plain is eliminated by development, the river level naturally rises in the main stem, impacting

Guest Post: Protecting Gun Rights Is Not A "Stunt"

The Fargo Forum editorial board believes that the protection of our inalienable rights is a “stunt”. They prefer feel good “solutions” coming out of Washington, DC. Solutions that will not accomplish the stated objectives but which will take yet more of your individual freedom and liberty. As legislators we swear an oath to uphold the