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Market-Distorting, Wind-Friendly Public Policy Needs to Go

Market-Distorting, Wind-Friendly Public Policy Needs to Go

The closing of the Stanton Station coal plant in central North Dakota has clearly struck a nerve in the state. This despite the fact that the plant was small, old, and not one that was providing base load power for the region. It got the attention of our Public Service Commission, the folks in charge

Obama Administration Exempts Wind Power From Consequences For Slaughter Of Birds

Back in 2011 Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon tried to prosecute a group of oil companies operating in North Dakota over 28 dead ducks. The ducks were found after a months-long investigation by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which probably could have found about the same number of dead water fowl along the state’s

Shauna Theel: Wind Becoming A Valuable Part Of North Dakota’s Energy Boom

The renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) has helped spur private investment in projects that help American workers make more of our energy right here at home, and North Dakota has seen the benefits. For instance, when the leading wind turbine manufacturer LM Wind Power announced it was hiring hundreds of workers in the state

Jason Stverak: Let The Wind Production Tax Credit Expire

The winds of change roared through the American political system this November, but clearly they didn’t blow hard enough to break congressional love for wasteful subsidies like the wind energy production tax credit. In an overwhelming vote of 378 to 46, the House of Representatives extended the credit retroactively for 2014, potentially burdening American taxpayers

Cramer: It's Time For Wind Power To Work Without Subsidies

Yesterday Rep. Kevin Cramer’s challenger, Democrat George Sinner, visited the LM Wind Power plant in Grand Forks and announced his support for an extension of the Production Tax Credit. The PTC provides a massive 2.3 cent per kilowatt hour subsidy for wind power. It expired at the end of 2013, but wind power projects started

Major Minnesota Wind Project On The Verge Of Collapse

A major Minnesota wind project which initially saw investment from billionaire T. Boone Pickens before being sold to New Era is on the ropes. “New Era has no confidence that due process for this project will ever end, nor that an ABPP (Avian and Bat Protection Plan) will ever be approved, however comprehensively and carefully

Off-Shore Wind Power Companies Collecting More In Federal Subsidies Than They Pay In Federal Royalties

The Obama administration spends a lot of its time sandbagging and attacking fossil-fuel energy development while spending a lot of tax dollars promoting so-called “green” energy. This is little better, from a moral standpoint, than picking and choosing which groups or individuals will get audited by the IRS based on their political ideology, but I

North Dakotans Got An Early Preview Of Obama's Politics By Any Means Necessar

Each day it seems we’re treated – if that’s the right word for it – to a new and depressing headline about mistreatment of conservative groups and individuals by the IRS. We’ve not yet plumbed the depths of the scandal, but already it seems to be one of the most shocking and fundamentally offensive domestic

Shocker: Partisan North Dakota US Attorney Follows Obama Narrative On Sequester

North Dakota US Attorney Tim Purdon is a political operative appointed to a position that is supposed to be non-political. Purdon was appointed as North Dakota’s top federal cop straight from the Democrat National Committee by President Obama. One of his first actions as US Attorney for North Dakota was an attempt at a thoroughly