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Video: George Sinner Bombed In Television Debates

Video: George Sinner Bombed In Television Debates

About a week or so ago WDAY television hosted a debate in North Dakota’s House race between incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer, Democrat challenger George Sinner, and Libertarian Party challenger Jack Seaman. I hadn’t written about it because I hadn’t actually seen the debate yet – it wasn’t streamed online anywhere and we only have streaming

North Dakota Pro-Abortion Group Is Afraid Of A Little Debate

I’ve participated in a few initiated measure campaigns over the years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from them, it’s that you must engage your critics. In fact, as an observer of North Dakota politics for more than ten years now, I think that’s pretty much a written-in-stone rule. You must engage. You must

Let's Face It, Measure 2 Is Coming Back

Last year North Dakota debated Measure 2, which would have abolished property taxes in the state if passed. It was defeated after a coalition of special interest groups (lead by the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce) launched a group called “Keep It Local ND” to oppose it. Their primary argument, obviously, was that by eliminating