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Every Single Pro-Life Bill Passed By The North Dakota Legislature Has Had Bi-Partisan Support

Every Single Pro-Life Bill Passed By The North Dakota Legislature Has Had Bi-Partisan Support

The media narrative taking shape around the slate of pro-life bills passed by the state legislature has made it sound as though this legislation is somehow extreme. Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs wrote that the passage of these bills illustrates that “zealotry has free rein” in the legislature. “Extremists not interested in abortion middle

Six Former University Heads Make A Pretty Slim Case Against Chancellor Shirvani

North Dakota’s current university presidents are orchestrating a campaign to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out of office, and now they’ve called on a group of former university presidents to help their cause. In a letter sent to the State Board of Higher Education (see below), the presidents say Shirvani is “wrong for North Dakota.” But

North Dakota's Laws Have Grown 1,781% Since 1877

The legislature is in recess for crossover, and legislators are at home in their districts enjoying a much-deserved breather. The bills the House passed, and the bills the Senate passed, are each being sent to the opposite chamber for committee hearings, debate and votes. In the first part of the legislative session the stakes are

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying Gets Approval From ND Senate

I might be more upset with this development if it weren’t for the fact that taxpayer dollars are already being used for lobbying. The government using taxpayer dollars to lobby other levels of government for more taxpayer dollars is exactly what we don’t want, but let’s not kid ourselves. This is already happening, despite the

Guest Post: Williston's Poor Fiscal Priorities Result In Credit Rating Downgrade

This afternoon, Bloomberg News is reporting that the credit rating agency of Standards and Poors has downgraded the credit rating of the City of Williston to a BBB+, three steps away from “junk bond status”. The $5.8 million of debt the city sold in December for water and sewer work is a fraction of the $625 million officials say

The State Board Of Higher Education Has Lost Control Of The University System

Adding to the clamor for removing controversial North Dakota University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani, today, was a vote of no confidence from the the North Dakota Student Association. The student governments at the various universities are usually little more than a rubber stamp for whatever the university administrations want, so there was no surprise that

North Dakota Hasn't Caved To Obamacare Yet

News that Florida Governor Rick Scott, until this point a staunch opponent to Obamacare, capitulating on the expansion of Medicaid is frustrating. The Republican governors – including North Dakota’s own Jack Dalrymple – who are waving the white flag in this matter are taking a short-sighted view. Yes, the states will get federal dollars in

ND Senate Bails Out Public Worker Pensions, But Authorizes Study For Move To Defined Contribution Plans

In his speech carrying SB2059 to the floor, Senator Dick Dever noted an alarming fact that I’ve written about before here on SAB: North Dakota’s public employee pension system, PERS, has fallen to being only 67.4% funded. In 2011 the fund was 70.5% funded, and not so many years ago the fund was 104% funded.

ND Attorney General Rules NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding Legal

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has ruled that the law which some claimed prohibited North Dakota State University from accepting a grant to partner with Planned Parenthood isn’t valid: BISMARCK – The state law behind North Dakota State University administrators’ decision to freeze a $1.2 million federal grant was “completely invalidated” by a 1981

Legislature Considering Study To Wean State Off Federal Education Dollars

Last Thursday, Senate Concurrent Resolution 4012 was introduced by Senators Howard Anderson Jr., Ron Carlisle, Ralph Kilzer, and Margaret Sitte; and Representatives Vernon Laning and David Rust which would, if passed, direct: … Legislative Management to study state alternatives to the statutory and regulatory requirements placed on North Dakota schools and school districts by the