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Controversial Flood Diversion Wouldn't Help Fargo With This Year's Flood Forecast

Controversial Flood Diversion Wouldn't Help Fargo With This Year's Flood Forecast

Folks in Fargo are worried about flooding this year, and for good reason. According to the Associated Press, the National Weather Service predicts the “most likely scenario” for the Red River peaking this spring “between 39 and 41 feet at Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., in late April or early May, with a maximum possibility

Democrat Legislators Wearing Art Link Pins With No Hint Of Irony

Bismarck Associated Press reporter James MacPherson posted on Twitter earlier today that Democrat legislators were wearing pins bearing the image of former North Dakota Governor Art Link (who passed away back in 2010): North Dakota Democrats have donned lapel pins with an image of Arthur Link, longtime politician known for environmental stewardship. — James MacPherson

SAB's Top Posts From The Last Week, Open Thread

Here are SAB’s top posts from the week that was. Joel Heitkamp/KFGO “Expansion” Plans Not Exactly Popular With Fargo Sports Fans – Liberal talk radio host Joel Heitkamp caused quite a stir this week when he tried to spin his impending loss of western radio affiliates KFYR and KCJB by announcing an “expansion” plan…to a

Legislators Who Work For The University System Allowed To Double Dip And Take Liberties With Vacation Time

Previously, SAB reported Senator Tony Grindberg (R-Fargo) had collected more than his employment agreement authorized as the head of the NDSU Technology and Research Park while serving in the state leigslature. Now I can shed some light on other legislators who are allowed to double-dip on their higher ed pay while serving in the legislature.

Is Housing Discrimination Really A Problem For Homosexuals?

Over the weekend, in reading reports about Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s decision to support gay marriage (made, conveniently, after election day) I saw where Senator Heitkamp claimed that concern over discrimination was a big part of her motivation. Earlier this year we had a debate in the state legislature over adding homosexuals as a protected class

A Modest Proposal: Let's Get Rid Of The North Dakota Senate

“The North Dakota Senate is where good ideas go to die,” a member of the state House Republican caucus told me. The sentiment isn’t surprising. There’s a lot of rivalry, and often not a lot of cooperation, between the two chambers. When Senator Dwight Cook’s oil tax reform bill failed in the House it wasn’t

Heitkamp Punts On Abortion Question

From the way some in the North Dakota media are portraying the abortion debate in North Dakota you’d get the idea that the state was pretty evenly divided on the question. But that perception doesn’t seem to match reality. For one thing, every single one of the pro-life bills which passed in the legislature did

Indiana Supreme Court Rules School Vouchers Don't Violate Blaine Amendment

Recently here in North Dakota we had a debate over school choice policies and how they relate to archaic, bigoted language in the state Constitution banning state funding for “sectarian schools.” Unfortunately, the state legislature rejected both the school choice legislation introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch and a constitutional amendment introduced by Rep. Bette Grande

ND Governor Jack Dalrymple Signs Three Pro-Life Bills

I honestly thought we were going to get at least one veto. Here’s the press release from the Governor’s office: BISMARCK, ND – Gov. Jack Dalrymple today signed HB 1305, HB 1456 and SB 2305 and provided the following statements to the Legislature: North Dakota House and Senate presiding officers: I have signed HB 1305

Hall Of Shame: Rep. Hawken, Outspoken Opponent Of Pro-Life Bills, Wasn't In State For Votes

Fargo Rep. Kathy Hawken has made a lot of headlines of late as a supposedly pro-life Republican who is opposed to the pro-life legislation passed in the state legislature of late. Hawken’s opposition fits the media’s narrative about the legislation perfectly. Even though the legislation passed with wide, bi-partisan majorities Rep. Hawken allows the media