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Forum Editorial Board Calls For Chancellor, Higher Ed Board President To Resign

Forum Editorial Board Calls For Chancellor, Higher Ed Board President To Resign

In an editorial that contradicts their own scathing report about the machinations among the state’s university presidents to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out of his job, the Fargo Forum calls for the resignations of both Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and State Board of Higher Education President Duaine Espegard. Hamid Shirvani’s brief tenure as North Dakota’s chancellor

Emails Paint A Picture Of University Presidents Who Don't Want To Be Governed

This is a fascinating report from the Grand Forks Herald’s Ryan Johnson based on thousands of emails from North Dakota’s university presidents revealing what they’ve failed to say publicly about embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. It’s been clear from the get-go that there has been a coordinated effort to push Shirvani out, with the university presidents

Asking The University System To Prioritize Projects Isn't Unreasonable

In a shining example of how the home town media feeds the problems in North Dakota’s university system by being everything but registered lobbyists for their local institutions, the Grand Forks Herald today gripes that the University of North Dakota law school refurbishment needs a specific appropriation from the legislature. The North Dakota House’s higher-education

Did The Plot Against Hamid Shirvani Backfire?

Yesterday the Senate passed an amended version of HCR3047, and today the House agreed to those amendments on a 55-34 vote (after about 45 minutes of debate). As I wrote yesterday, the resolution: A) Replaces the State Board of Higher Education and the Chancellor position with a 3-member panel appointed in the same manner that

Senate Votes To Dismantle North Dakota Board Of Higher Education

The third time was a charm for higher ed reform in the state Senate today. After an amended version of a resolution to eliminate the State Board of Higher Education and the Chancellor position was defeated in the Senate, it passed today on its second reconsideration. The vote was pretty narrow – 25 to 21

Attorney General: State Board Broke Open Meetings Laws

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has just issued an opinion ruling that a dinner held by Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and members of the State Board of Higher Education did, in fact, break open meetings laws. The State Board of Higher Education has been ordered to recreate minutes for the meeting. I think the AG is absolutely

North Dakota Senate Votes For Higher Education Status Quo

The North Dakota Senate today had before it HCR3047 which was introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson. In it is original form as passed by the House this amendment would have replaced the Chancellor and the State Board of Higher Education with a Director of the Department of Higher Education appointed to three-year terms

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

When Do You Plan On Governing, Governor Dalrymple?

We all know that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple is a lead-from-behind sort of leader. He doesn’t like to be out in front on issues. Reticence was a feature of former Governor John Hoeven’s time in office, and Dalrymple has carried on the tradition into his own term of government. Dalrymple, like Hoeven, prefers to

SAB's Top Five From The Week That Was, Open Thread

Here are the top five most read posts on SAB from the last week. Open thread down in the comments. Spirit Lake Whistle Blower Says “Kudos” To Cramer For Alleged Tirade – Reports about an alleged “tirade” by Rep. Kevin Cramer aimed at tribal officials has made plenty of headlines in the state, but the

Audio: Legislator Accuses Colleagues, Higher Ed Officials Of Plotting To Push Chancellor Shirvani Out

Rep. Bob Skarphol, a supporter of embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and the chairman of the education subsection of the House Appropriations Committee, dropped a bombshell during a meeting of his committee today. He made accusations of a conspiracy among legislators and higher ed officials to undermine and to push Chancellor Hamid Shirvani out. It was