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Standing Rock Rancher on #NoDAPL Protests: “20 of Them Will Be Sitting There Praying and 500 of Them Will Be Raising Hell”

Standing Rock Rancher on #NoDAPL Protests: “20 of Them Will Be Sitting There Praying and 500 of Them Will Be Raising Hell”

In the Washington Times today Valerie Richardson writes about a couple who ranches buffalo on the Standing Rock reservation – one an enrolled member of the tribe – who are utterly fed up with the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. “An enrolled tribal member, Mrs. Fischer and her husband, Ernie, are convinced that at least 13

#NoDAPL Arrests Update: 451 Total, Just 21 Percent From the Dakotas

The National Sheriff’s Association, one of the groups helping coordinate assistance for North Dakota law enforcement from other states, has also been tracking the people arrested at the #NoDAPL protests. Their latest map shows a total of 451 people arrested at the protests, of which just 21 percent are from North and South Dakota which encompass

Standing Rock Sets Aside Money for Lawsuit Against Cops Over Response to #NoDAPL Protests

Over the weekend hundreds rallied at the state capitol in support of the cops who have responded to the #NoDAPL protests in south central North Dakota. The cops have been drug through the mud by protesters and certain members of the media willing to credulously regurgitate their often wild and baseless claims. But at the

Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline Has Been Completed Outside of Lake Oahe Crossing

This afternoon a press release dropped into my inbox from the folks at Dakota Access Pipeline. Their intent is to correct the record on a release sent out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, apparently by accident, indicating that the company would voluntarily be stopping construction. DAPL says they have no intention of voluntarily

More Video and Pictures of #NoDAPL Protesters Setting Fire to Hill Law Enforcement Was Standing On

Last night I wrote about yet another standoff between #NoDAPL protesters and law enforcement down along the Cantapeta Creek on Sunday, but there were actually four different protest incidents over the weekend which garnered a law enforcement response. Here’s a summary of the four incidents from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. Note that in addition to

Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Set Fire to Hillside in Attempt to Drive Back Police

It was another day of rioting down at the #NoDAPL protests, once again along the Cantapeta Creek where law enforcement and activists clashed a few days ago. Last month fires set by protesters during an illegal blockade of Highway 1806 damaged a bridge there which authorities have kept closed. Two large trucks set on fire

Internet Rumor Claiming Two Cops Have Turned in Their Badges Over #NoDAPL Protests Is “Completely False”

One thing that’s been impressive about the #NoDAPL movement is their ability to flood the zone on social media with their messaging. They can take even a patently false rumor and make it spread like wildfire. Some of the crazier claims protesters have made is that a girl was shot at a protest by a

Anti-Oil #NoDAPL Protest Has Been Great for Gasoline Sales

One of the great ironies of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline – ostensibly to re-route the pipeline but perpetrated in no small part by anti-oil environmental extremists – is that Standing Rock Sioux chairman and #NoDAPL figurehead David Archambault owns a gas station. A station located quite near the protest camps, as it

With 14 Livestock Dead, 2 Injured, and 30 Missing Near #NoDAPL Protests Stockmen’s Assoc. Says Ranchers “Under Seige”

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven has just issued a joint press release with ND Stockmen’s Association Vice President Julie Ellingson decrying violence and trespassing in the south central part of the date around the #NoDAPL protests. Here’s video from their joint statement: You can read their press release in full below. It describes Hoeven and

Sheriff Greg Champagne: Sensational News Reports Give Wrong Impression of #NoDAPL Police Response

I was extremely privileged in the last several days to have the opportunity to travel to North Dakota as President of the National Sheriffs’ Association to see firsthand the protest and the response thereto to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation about 25 miles south of Bismarck. I learned first