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As the #NoDAPL Zealots Leave North Dakota a Sense of Pragmatism Takes Hold at Standing Rock

As the #NoDAPL Zealots Leave North Dakota a Sense of Pragmatism Takes Hold at Standing Rock

When the Obama administration ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to withhold an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline many of the environmental zealots who joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest against the project declared victory. But now that the often violent and unlawful protests have died down, and the out-of-state extremists have

Video: Standing Rock Chair Tells #NoDAPL Protesters to Go Home, Warns Them Against Further Violence

I wrote earlier today about Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault telling #NoDAPL protesters that it’s time to go home, but this evening a video has been released with a full message from the chairman and it’s pretty interesting. First, it’s interesting that Archambault feels he needs to warn the protesters against further acts

Photos and Video: Standing Rock Chairman Shops at Mall Just Before Dozens of #NoDAPL Protesters Get Arrested There

For months now critics of the #NoDAPL movement such as myself have been arguing that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is little more than a figurehead for environmental extremists in their larger fight against oil development. Today allow me to juxtapose two incidents which illustrate the point. The first is the #NoDAPL movement’s on-going war

Audio: Deputy Who Sprayed #NoDAPL Protesters With Fire Hose Speaks Out, Says Officers Faced Slingshots and Racism

  On Sunday #NoDAPL protesters clashed with law enforcement officers while trying to break through a roadblock on the Backwater Bridge which was damaged during a previous riot. One tactic the cops used to hold the rioters back was deploying a fire hose. Today on my radio show on WDAY AM9770 the deputy who was

Source: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Requested Fee to Allow Pipeline Prior to #NoDAPL Protests UPDATE: ETP Denies

See update below One of the most persistent rumors around the #NoDAPL protests is that the tribe is motivated less by some pure desire to protect the environment and/or sacred Native American lands but by money. Specifically, that the tribe wanted money from the pipeline company and didn’t get it, so now they’re protesting. I’ve

#NoDAPL Must Stop Creating Situations Where People Get Hurt

During the riot at the Backwater Bridge on Sunday one protester saw her arm get mutilated. You can see photos posted by one of the #NoDAPL factions below. I warn you that they are graphic, so if you do want to see them please don’t scroll down. UPDATE: ND authorities have announced an investigation into a explosion

If North Dakota’s Tribes Want Respect They Should Call Off the Rioters

North Dakota lawmakers have voted to cancel for their 2017 session addresses to the legislature given by the state’s Native American tribes and judiciary. The reason for this is security concerns related to the pugnacious, unlawful, and often violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In a recent interview on my radio show on WDAY

Green Energy Companies Gave Big Money to Standing Rock as #NoDAPL Protests Began

“Keep it in the soil,” the #NoDAPL protesters aiming to block an oil pipeline chant. And who would profit from keeping oil in the soil? So-called “green energy” companies trying to break into a market current dominated by fossil fuels, obviously. Which is maybe why a couple of green energy companies donated big to the Standing

North Dakota Journalist Recounts Intimidation, Censorship at Hands of #NoDAPL Protesters

The Williston Herald has published an eye-opening story about the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline which provides a perspective on the #NoDAPL movement that has gone little reported. Which is surprising because what reporter Renée Jean recounts is intimidation and censorship aimed specifically at people who report the news. According to her report, journalists

All Politics Aside, #NoDAPL Protesters Should Take Heed of Changing Weather

“There are many people in the area that have not experienced a North Dakota winter,” Tim Wiedrich, the North Dakota Department of Health’s Emergency Services Section Chief, says in a press release out today. “We encourage those individuals to listen in and take the necessary action steps to protect themselves and those around them before