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North Dakota Governor Meets With Standing Rock Citizens Fed up With #NoDAPL Protests

North Dakota Governor Meets With Standing Rock Citizens Fed up With #NoDAPL Protests

Last night Governor Doug Burgum traveled to Cannonball, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to hear concerns from citizens there over the #NoDAPL protests. The visit was a big deal. “Tribal elders said it was the first time they could recall a sitting North Dakota governor coming to meet with residents in Cannon

Left Wing Veterans Group Fundraising for #NoDAPL Camps Even as They Close Down

Late last year a group of veterans organized by Wes Clark Jr. and Michael Wood traveled to North Dakota to assist in the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It was an absolute disaster with Clark and other organizers fleeing the harsh weather leaving the veterans they invited to the protest stuck in the middle

Video: NBC News Team Surprised to Learn That North Dakota Indians Shop at Grocery Stores

In the annals of clueless, slanted, utterly out-of-touch national media reporting from the #NoDAPL protests in south central North Dakota this recorded NBC News report takes the cake. The video below was taken by one of the self-styled “water protectors” of NBC/MSNBC reporter Cal Perry recording a report on site. I’m assuming it was for the

Feds Say Move of Standing Rock Water Intake on Track for May 31 Completion

A big part of the #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline circled around the water intake for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe which is currently in the Lake Oahe reservoir near Fort Yates, North Dakota. That’s kind of near where DAPL will cross the reservoir when completed. But in September of last year I reported

Standing Rock Chairman to #NoDAPL Protesters: Don’t Come Back to North Dakota

The Standing Rock Sioux tribal leadership isn’t giving up their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, not even after President Donald Trump has issued an order to reverse delays to construction instituted by the Obama administration. But they do have a message to people from around the country who might be inclined to travel back

Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Punch Law Enforcement Officials as Another 16 Are Arrested

According to a press release from Morton County which dropped in my inbox this evening there were another 16 arrests of #NoDAPL protesters over the last day or so. The charges range from “criminal trespass, engaging in a riot, possession of marijuana, fleeing, assault on a peace officer and preventing arrest.” You can read the

The #NoDAPL Movement Is Hurting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

For months now the Backwater Bridge just north of the Standing Rock Reservation has been closed down by law enforcement. This has been a big problem for the tribe because the bridge is the easiest way to drive to Standing Rock. Shutting it down has hurt the tribe economically. They’ve lost no small amount of

Standing Rock Chairman Describes “Ugly” and Out of Control Situation at #NoDAPL Protest Camps

Late last year, after the Obama administration announced that an easement wouldn’t be issued for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Lake Oahe reservoir along its present path, Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault asked the protesters camped out to leave. The problem? Roughly a thousand or so protesters remain, despite heavy snows and brutal

Standing Rock Tribal Council Member to #NoDAPL Protesters: “I Am So Frustrated…Go Home”

Today the tribal council at Standing Rock held a meeting about the continued existence of #NoDAPL protest camps on and near their reservation. These camps pose a problem going forward. Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault expressed concern about the condition of the camps last year and asked non-Sioux protesters to leave. But the camps are