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UPDATED: Governor Jack Dalrymple Calls on National Guard to Assist With Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

UPDATED: Governor Jack Dalrymple Calls on National Guard to Assist With Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

UPDATE: Stream of the press conference is below. Since the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline began there has been rumor mongering in political circles about Governor Jack Dalrymple calling out the North Dakota National Guard to deal with demonstrators who have turned violent at times. Last night those rumors got substance. I have been told

Federal Judge Denies Restraining Order Requested by Dakota Access Protesters

On Friday the Standing Rock Sioux tribe requested an emergency restraining order aimed at halting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline claiming that there were culturally significang graves and artifacts that would be destroyed if construction continued. The timing, I must say, was a little suspicious. The regulatory process for this pipeline has been going

Video: Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Threw Rocks at Security Guards, Hit Dogs With Sticks

In the aftermath of a holiday weekend riot at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline there has been a concerted effort by the protesters and the left-wing environmental groups backing them to promote a certain narrative. One which has supposedly peaceful protesters set upon by “mercenary” security guards wielding mace and attack dogs.

Three Affiliated Tribes Should Keep in Mind That #NoDAPL Is Not Really a Pipeline Safety Protest

The Three Affiliated Tribes of the Forth Berthold Reservation have profited enormously from the oil boom in North Dakota. Roughly a third of the oil produced in North Dakota comes from their tribal lands, and that in turn has plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into tribal coffers. These numbers are a little out of

Irony: Dakota Access Pipeline Is Permitted While Protest Against It Is Not

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is being represented by an extremist, anti-oil group called Earthjustice in a lawsuit against the Dakota Access Pipeline. There is a federal court hearing in Washington D.C. this week about the lawsuit. I’m sure that the Earthjustice lawyers will blow a great deal of smoke over any indication that Energy

LegitSlater: No Name Is Best Way To "Move On"

The fight over the Fighting Sioux name and logo is one that has gone on for some time. As you may recall, it really began in earnest when the NCAA inserted itself into what was (and many still feel is) a North Dakota matter almost a decade ago, deeming the name Fighting Sioux and it’s