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Spirit Lake Whistle Blower Says "Kudos" To Cramer For Alleged Tirade

Spirit Lake Whistle Blower Says "Kudos" To Cramer For Alleged Tirade

Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Betty Jo Krenz, a former social worker for the Spirit Lake tribe who has helped blow the whistle on the tribe’s child protection scandal. “Kudos,” Krenz told me when I asked her what she would say to Rep. Kevin Cramer in response to his alleged tirade against tribal

Woman Who Accused Rep. Cramer Of "Verbal Abuse" Is A Democrat Operative

Yesterday news broke that a Spirit Lake Indian Reservation official had accused Rep. Kevin Cramer of “threats of violence” and “verbal abuse” during a discussion over his concerns about the Violence Against Women Act. The woman, one Melissa Merrick, posted her version of events online but so far that version hasn’t been corroborated by anyone

Spirit Lake Reservation Official Claims She Was "Verbally Abused" By Rep. Kevin Cramer

I’ve written extensively about the very real problems in the Violence Against Women Act pertaining to due process rights for non-tribal members accused of crimes in tribal jurisdictions. The tribal justice system is prone to woeful levels of incompetency and corruption, and there are serious questions about whether or not non-tribal members can get fair