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North Dakota Lost Nearly $2 Billion In Taxable Sales During Third Quarter Of 2015

North Dakota Lost Nearly $2 Billion In Taxable Sales During Third Quarter Of 2015

“Taxable sales and purchases were $5.763 billion for July, August and September of 2015, a drop of nearly 25 percent over those months in 2014,” the press release from North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger’s office states. That’s ugly, though Rauschenberger puts a positive spin on the numbers by pointing out that we’re still up


Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

“Measure would void new North Dakota flaring, oil rules,” screams a headline from the Associated Press about Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill to change the process by which oil regulations are passed by the the Industrial Commission. That headline set up a scolding and typically intemperate editorial from the Fargo Forum which, as usual, seems to have only

Everything You Wanted To Know About North Dakota's Tax Trigger

With oil prices in a rout, North Dakotans are obviously concerned about what impact that may have on the state’s budget. Governor Jack Dalrymple and lawmakers have increased spending aggressive in past bienniums, and have Dalrymple has charted a course for “ambitious” spending in the coming Legislative session next year, but if prices keep falling

Rauschenberger: Seeking Treatment Was "One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made"

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger pulled off a rare feat in the modern era of American politics. Earlier this year he confessed to me that he was struggling with alcohol addiction. He then left the campaign trail for a month to seek treatment before coming back and soundly defeating his opponent, Democrat Jason Astrup,

Democrats, Republicans Pouring Money Into Taylor vs. Goehring Race

I took a look at the latest 48-hour reports on the Secretary of State website, and things haven’t changed much since the last time I looked about 10 days ago. The race for Agriculture Commissioner has become the battleground among the statewide races. State law requires that 39 days before election day that campaign committees report

SAB/VNL Poll: Ryan Rauschenberger Leads Jason Astrup 37-31

The race for Tax Commissioner is without a doubt the hardest to handicap this election season. At the beginning of the election cycle this race seemed like a near certainty for Republicans. Their candidate is incumbent Ryan Rauschenberger, who was appointed to his position by Governor Jack Dalrymple replacing former Tax Commissioner Cory Fong who

SAB Poll: 70 Percent Think North Dakota Is On The Right Track

This coming week I’ll be releasing results for our statewide elections as well as Measures 1 and 5 from polling sponsored by SayAnythingBlog.com and Valley News Live. The polling was conducted by DFM Research out of Minnesota which has a strong track record of polling in the state, including calling the 2012 Senate race between