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Cheesed Off Heidi Heitkamp Is Definitely Running For Governor In 2016

Cheesed Off Heidi Heitkamp Is Definitely Running For Governor In 2016

I think we have our answer about whether or not Senator Heidi Heitkamp is running for Governor in 2016 as has been widely rumored. In an interview with her allies on the Fargo Forum editorial board, Heitkamp refused to rule out running in 2016 and got off this shot at Rep. Roscoe Streyle for backing legislation

Bills For Balanced Budget, Oil Exports, Pensions And DUI Punishments Filed

Last night a ton of new bills were filed for the 2015 legislative sessions (and some of you were complaining that they weren’t being posted). I’ve written about a couple of the more interesting bills this morning (allowing concealed carry for elected officials on public property, $5,000 given to each child born in ND) but

North Dakota Dem: Empowering The People Is "Politics At Its Absolute Worst"

The rest of the state media has picked up on a story I broke about legislation, sponsored by Rep. Roscoe Streyle of Minot, which would change the way the state fills Senate vacancies. Currently the Governor appoints a replacement. Streyle’s legislation would require an immediate special election. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”Calling Heitkamp the

Opposition To Reforming North Dakota's Oil Tax May Have State Paying An Ugly Price

The video above is of the floor debate in the state House last session (February of 2013) over HB1234 introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle. The bill, among other things, would have eliminated a raft of tax exemptions and lower tax rates triggered by oil prices and replaced them with a relatively flat, three-tiered tax rate.

LegitSlater: Will the Real Republican Legislators Please Stand Up?

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Legislature is back in session in Bismarck. Not a real session, mind you, but rather one where they learn how to actually legislate (or in the case of most, learn how to do it again in case they forgot). This week marks the beginning of the 64th Legislative Assembly

ND University System's Top Auditor Says He Was Put On Leave For Promoting Accountability

Perhaps feeling emboldened by the failure of Measure 3 on the statewide ballot (word around the state capitol is that there has been much gloating in the university system office this last week) the North Dakota University System has taken action against some of their top accountability personnel. In a pre-holiday maneuver, Chief Auditor Timothy

ND Lawmakers Push Pledge Including Effort To Reduce/Eliminate Income Taxes

This morning a group of conservative North Dakota lawmakers announced a pledge they signed to promote conservative policy reforms. “Over the last decade, we Republicans have overseen an exponential growth in state spending, and we feel now is the time for our party to take the lead to ensure the direction of the state’s finance

Legislators: Let's Increase Western Share Of Oil Revenues To 60 Percent

Western Republican Legislators and Candidates last week released a very detailed and comprehensive $800M “surge” plan to address oil producing and non-oil producing counties immediate needs. This was step one of a two part plan to address the states infrastructure needs. The surge plan is meant to quickly and efficiently get money out to all

Legislator: NDSU President "Went To The Lois Lerner School Of Email Management"

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about North Dakota University System Chancellor Larry Skogen giving NDSU President Dean Bresciani a temporary pass on participating in a new, consolidated university email system. The laudable goal of the university system is to create a unified system of electronic communication that allows all administrators and