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Hoeven Backs Legislation To Overturn Federal School Lunch Limits Permanently

Hoeven Backs Legislation To Overturn Federal School Lunch Limits Permanently

I’m not sure there’s anything more absurd than our bankrupt, debt-laden federal government which passed passed a budget in years micromanaging school lunches in communities around the nation. Most recently, as a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s war on fat kids, the federal government imposed school lunch guidelines so stringent that many students were

Bureaucracy Trumps Morality: Nurse Lets Woman Die Because Of Policy Prohibiting CPR

Yesterday news broke of a nurse at a California nursing home who let an elderly woman die rather than perform CPR on her despite pleas from a 911 operator begging the nurse, or anyone standing by, to perform the procedure. Here’s the back story, and the heart-breaking audio of the 911 call: The idea of

Dorso Column: North Dakota's Higher Ed Problems May Lay In K-12 Education

I agree with Rob that there is a better governance model for higher education in North Dakota. However, I don’t think it is entirely the systems fault that a college diploma is so expensive. There are some solutions for the current state of affairs but we must look below the surface. If the legislature wants

ND House Shoots Down $13 Million Child Care Subsidy

Today the state House debate amendments to HB1422, which is a bill related to child care services. North Dakota has a serious problem with shortages in child care services. There aren’t enough day cares to provide services for the influx of families and workers to the state, and new day cares are having a hard

American Entrepreneurship Is Dying

Via Jim Pethokoukis, here’s a frightening chart: Free markets depend on creative destruction. Old ways of doing things are constantly replaced by new, better ways of doing things. So, we should want to see a steady number of jobs created by new businesses, but as the chart shows we’re not seeing that at all. Which

Has North Dakota's Economy Peaked?

Today the North Dakota House and Senate appropriations committees are holding a joint session to discuss the state’s new budget forecasts, so it’s timely that we discuss what’s happening with the state’s economy. After a couple of years of growth so rapid it overran housing supplies and infrastructure needs, the state’s growth seems to be

Interview: Senator Hoeven Talks About The Empower States Act

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven has re-introduced the Empower States Act in this Congress, which would give states more control over regulating the energy industry. Senator Hoeven was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions about the ESA and what it could mean for North Dakota. I asked the Senator if the

Dorso Column: The Legislature Is In The Swing Of Things Now

Your legislators are in to the swing of things now. There are 468 House bills and 375 Senate bills which will have to be dealt with. There is always the possibility of delayed bills being introduced after the deadlines the House and Senate have imposed on themselves, but that shouldn’t be a significant number. As

Father Of Sandy Hook Victim: "The Problem Is Not Gun Laws"

I’m normally a little suspicious of giving absolute moral authority to the victims/family of victims/friends of victims of some tragedy on public policy issues. Just because you got hurt, or your loved one died, doesn’t necessarily make you any more right than the rest of us when it comes to public policy. That being said,

Auto Markets Trump Government Central Planning

Our federal government has invested a lot of money, and passed a lot of laws, to promote so-called “green” vehicles that run on biofuels or electricity. But, if the Detroit Auto Show is any indication, all that investment hasn’t resulted in those vehicles getting traction in the market: From sport utes to sports cars to