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Under Obama, The Rich Have Gotten Richer

Under Obama, The Rich Have Gotten Richer

President Obama is nothing if not a class warrior, using the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement to color his railing about the “1%” not “paying their fair share,” etc., etc. But what if it turned out the rich had actually gotten richer under President Obama’s governance? Remember too that from 2007 through 2010

If You're Stuck In A Part-Time Job, Thank Obamacare

At FreeEnterprise.org they’ve posted these scary jobs numbers from the Federal Reserve showing a sharp uptick in people with part-time jobs, which remains well above pre-recession levels: According to the New York Times, millions of Americans who want more work hours are stuck in part-time jobs: In March, 7.6 million Americans who want more hours

Movie Review: How Capitalism Ended Racial Segregation In Baseball

Last night my wife and I went to see 42, the Jackie Robinson story. It was an enjoyable enough movie (as they said in Moneyball , it’s hard not to be romantic about baseball), though the story was more fairy tale than reality. But what do you expect when a movie about real people doing

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Can Senator Heitkamp's Vote For Gun Control Be Bought With Exemptions?

The Washington Post reports that Senator Heidi Heitkamp is being wooed into voting for gun control with exemptions for background checks for some North Dakota communities. Which is reminiscent of efforts to pass Obamacare by offering state-specific exemptions from certain regulations in the bill (i.e. the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Bismarck Earmark”). In an effort

The Kermit Gosnell Horror Is An Indictment Of The "Pro-Choice" Movement

There seem to be two narratives forming on the left surrounding the horror story that is Kermit Gosnell’s monstrous abortion practice. First, they say that Gosnell is an abnormality. A cruel monster who is in now way indicative of any sort of norm among abortion doctors. Second, they say that Gosnell is an argument for

Ammunition In Such Short Supply Even Law Enforcement Is Rationing

“Our deputies are afforded X-amount of ammunition for practice each month,” Captain Michael Nelson of the Ward County Sheriff’s Department told KXMC reporter Shaun Sipma in a report, “and in light of the artificial shortage we’ve had to scale that back a little bit.” Law enforcement scaling back ammo usage “a little bit” may not

Medicaid Expansion May Cost North Dakota $0.25 For Every Dollar In Federal Money Accepted

The Senate will be addressing HB1362, which includes an expansion of the state Medicaid program as called for by Obamacare, some time this week. It was on the chamber’s calendar for yesterday, but they never brought it up on the floor. But before the Senators sign off on what the House already voted for, it’s

Why Did North Dakota's Ag Commissioner Pick A Fight Over Raw Milk?

The North Dakota House today voted to approve an amendment to what was otherwise a routine rubber-stamping of federal dairy regulations originating in the Senate which would begin the regulation of cow-sharing programs. Under current law, milk producers cannot sell raw milk directly, but a loophole allows people to drink milk from a cow they

Thanks To Fracking, European Manufacturers Relocating To America

When we talk about oil and gas development in the United States, we usually talk about the number of people the oil industry hires. Or maybe gas prices or “energy independence.” But what about the fact that America’s natural gas boom, which like our oil boom was brought about by the development of frackign and