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A $3.78 Billion Bet On The Future Of The North Dakota Oil Fields Was Just Approved

A $3.78 Billion Bet On The Future Of The North Dakota Oil Fields Was Just Approved

With oil prices in the tank, and a rocky trail ahead for North Dakota’s economy as a result, there came today from the Public Service Commission a glimmer of hope. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which could take as much as 600,000 barrels of North Dakota oil per day out of the state, was just approved

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The Clean Power Plan Butcher's Bill, And Why Environmentalists Want To Ignore It

Last week I wrote a post responding to a letter to the editor published in several of the state’s newspapers in which Dave Glatt, the head of North Dakota’s Department of Health, was lambasted for talking about the potential economic impacts of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. According to the letter writer such pragmatic

Randy Christmann: Clean Power Plan Is Stealth Cap And Trade

In August the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Although this plan has been discussed frequently before and since the actual release, I believe most people have not been told how this plan will impact their personal finances. In order to understand this 1,560 page plan, let’s set aside the arguments

Anne Krapu: "They That Govern The Most Make The Least Noise"

17th century British jurist John Selden once noted, “They that govern the most make the least noise.” With a firm lock on the state legislature, governor’s mansion, statewide offices, and two of three of North Dakota’s slots in Congress, the NDGOP is certainly doing the most governing of any entity in the state. And, aside

The EPA's Power Plant Regulations Could Mean Shortages For North Dakota

Back in June I wrote a story for Watchdog about the potential impact of EPA regulations on North Dakota. At the time, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk said the impact “could be catastrophic.” That’s not hyperbole. North Dakota is caught between the pincers of rising demand for power, driven by a booming economy and expanding

Regulator Says EPA Is Making Us Too Dependent On Wind Energy: "We're Down To Zero Alternatives"

Yesterday North Dakota’s Public Service Commission voted on the $180 million Sunflower Wind project, which consists of 59 new turbines to be built in Morton and Stark counties, south of Hebron. They would provide 80 megawatts of power generation. But in voting to approve the project, Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann expressed some concern about

President Obama Could Learn Something From North Dakota's Public Service Commission

A controversial power grid project got approval from North Dakota’s Public Service Commission earlier this week. Basin Electric has been pushing to build a 197-mile-long transmission line that will run from their Antelope Valley Station coal plant near Beulah to a substation near Tioga, in the heart of the state’s oil patch. With growing industrial activity, and

Montana Official Says Power Brownouts Are A Concern In Bakken Region

Via Aaron Flint, Montana Public Service Commissioner Travis Kavulla, a Republican, says that government regulations hindering the expansion of power infrastructure could lead to brownouts in the Bakken region. He made the comments to Emilie Boyles for Marks Group Broadcasting based out of Glendive. Here’s an excerpt, full audio at the link: Kavulla:  Very soon, and even